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New requirements for company network infrastructures concerning simplification, automation, new intelligence and support for a cloud strategy are heralding a new evolution in data centre networking. This shift towards “any workload – any location – any cloud” means that infrastructures have to provide applications faster and at full availability, everywhere, at all times, programmable, automated and secure. 

Data centre networks are beginning to see new designs. Traditional hierarchically switched architectures are being transformed into data centre fabric architectures, where “core – distribution – access” approaches are becoming outdated. An example for this is Cisco ACI – Application-Centric Infrastructure. 

The advantages of modern data centre networking at a glance:

Provisioning in minutes, not hours or days.



Highest availability “anytime – anywhere”.


Predictable performance.



Automation thanks to APIs.



Macro and micro-segmentation in the network.

Centralised “application-centric” management.


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Trust Bechtle as an experienced partner in data centre networking and get your company prepared for the future.

Innovative architectures simplify data centre switching.

What is the fastest way to realise complex configurations? How can a data centre network be set up and managed more easily? Software-defined networking, network virtualisation or even converged infrastructure solutions help to develop new architectures that are highly stable, performant and available. These are built on specially designed and high-performance data centre switches that are programmable, work in virtualised and automated environments and are secure and highly available with low procurement (CapEx) and operation (OpEx) costs. These data centre switches offer:

  • High performance and port density for all bandwidth requirements
  • Low latency times as well as high availability and scalability
  • Convergence of Ethernet and Fibre Channel
  • Switch virtualisation, automation and cloud-readiness

What is data centre networking?
A definition.

How can you simplify configuration and management in your data centre network? Why do some configurations take days or hours, instead of minutes?  In today’s IT age, network resources must be provisioned quickly, easily and as automated as possible.

With the help of our innovative data centre networking solutions, you can master the challenges that data centres face today. Thanks to modern technologies such as SDN, software-defined data centre (SDDC), network virtualisation, fabric-ready data centre switches and automation, companies can benefit from more flexibility while greatly reducing the costs and time required. And this means: More time for meaningful business!

Modernisation in the data centre.

New ways of working and increasing digitalisation at work are challenging the data centre as never before. Carry on reading to find out how our partner Cisco is responding to new requirements with its data centre architecture stack, and how Bechtle can help you bring your data centre up to speed.

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The triad of modernity – Software-defined, virtualised, automated.

In the future, virtualisation will play a huge role for data centre networking, as only software-defined networking, virtualisation and automation can provide real advantages and a competitive edge on the market, as they offer:

  • High agility and the ability to configure workflows and resource pools in minutes.
  • Invoice per client and process optimisation.
  • Virtualised and standardised environments, routines and processes.
  • Compatibility with virtual and non-virtual environments.
  • Template-based workflows for handling repetitious tasks.
  • Infrastructure access via open interfaces (APIs).

Bechtle supports you with this triad of modern data centre networking with year-long experience, the highest certifications and market-leading technology.

The Application-Centric Infrastructure and HyperFlex solutions by Cisco offer exactly these application-orientated network solutions for the data centre. In addition, our strong partnership with other leading technology providers in the hyperconverged solutions market, such as HPE, Dell EMC or VMware, provides more flexibility and improved service. For example by offering our fully-managed solution Hyperconverged as a Service, for which we fortify an efficient hyperconverged platform on the basis of HPE Simplivity with Bechtle Managed Services. We take care of resourcing, financing, implementation and operation.

Get in touch – We offer an extensive analysis of your existing infrastructure and develop the right data centre networking solutions for you.


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