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Mobile working – Take your office on the road. 

With frequent business trips and advancements in technology, working on the go or at home is nothing unusual anymore. At the same time, companies must ensure employee availability and reliable access to applications and data no matter when or where they need it in order to sustain productivity. Mobile workers on business trips are just a small piece of the puzzle. No matter their job, people must be empowered to get it done away from their desk, away from the office. Yet many companies have spent little thought on what their mobile workplace should look like. How can teams access data, applications and systems when they won’t stay put? Employers have to face this question not just when coming into the office is suddenly not an option. Workplace flexibility is increasingly at the top of the list of what employees expect, and studies show that the ability to choose where and when they work has a big impact on motivation and job satisfaction as it ultimately gives them more power over their life.  We’ll show you how Bechtle can help you create a mobile, connected workplace.

Mobile workplace benefits at a glance:

Modern IT deployment and streamlined IT management.


Consistent performance inside and outside office walls.


Highest security standards for on-premise and mobile access.


Happier employees.


Around-the-world productivity.


Mobile access to data and applications.


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Empower your employees with the flexibility to work from anywhere and turn mobile working into a real asset for your business.

Bechtle supports your journey to the mobile workplace.

With smart solutions for modern Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), IT can finally tackle the plethora of current trends and challenges head on. Many employees want to be able to decide for themselves when and where they work, but if efficiency is tied to a desktop and phone cord, this can ultimately jeopardise their productivity. On the one hand, mangers want their teams to be able to be available and deliver results no matter the situation. On the other, they cannot stray from security, data protection and compliance policies. In many organisations, the need to travel and access sales or support documents was limited to workers in the field, while everyone else was tethered to a desk. Digitalisation is changing that.

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IT managers are facing a battle to adapt workflows and tools to an increasingly mobile workforce that’s also demanding a better work-life balance. In the simplest of cases, staff would like to work once a week from home or remain in touch with their colleagues when travelling to a meeting or conference. But a mobile workplace is much more than just a notebook and smartphone as mobile productivity comes in many forms, from a business class seat in the air to the homely kitchen table. IT infrastructures must support this new workstyle end to end. At the same time, the ability to connect remotely and perform centralised rollouts of virtual applications are a load off IT staff. The perfect mobile is about the right tools and solutions, not the hardware.

Mobile Working with Modern Workplace
Mobile working – A victory for employers and employees alike.

It’s not only the workforce who benefit from the flexibility that comes with mobile devices and remote access to internal systems—companies also profit. Employees who work within a flexible yet structured framework and are frequently on the road or working from home also save the employer’s resources. Flexi-offices mean that there is less unused space compared with traditional office concepts whereby companies have many more desks than are actually needed on any one day. If everyone is equipped with mobile devices, desk sharing can dramatically reduce overheads as at any given time, the majority of the workforce is out of the office either on business trips, on holiday or ill.

The Future Workplace

If IT can provide employees with the tools and solutions they need to support mobile working, this will result in both direct and indirect benefits. Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) makes it possible to use any device at all, including your employees’ own hardware, for your own mobile office. If you want to introduce Bring your own Device (BYOD), EMM is critical. A person who can stay in touch and access important documents on their personal tablet can work productively wherever they are. It also means that colleagues can work with their preferred devices.

Enterprise Mobility Management makes user admin significantly easier for IT departments. Onboarding new devices is child’s play when notebooks and smartphones, including all necessary applications and permissions, are automatically configured according to predefined user groups. Employees also appreciate being able to work seamlessly from home and enjoy the perks previously only available to a privileged few. Plus, it becomes much easier to collaborate with freelancers and external service providers. 

Mobile Workplace

Remote working – On your terms. On your device.

Mobile working is so much more than working on a notebook on a train or plane. It relies heavily on the right tools and processes to make sure technology is not in the way of productivity and can truly unleash workers from their desk or pre-determined place of work. Ideally, in the future, work will not only be independent of place but also device so employees can use all of them to stay in touch, securely log in to all important tools  and join meetings from anywhere. 

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) incorporates everything that is required for a  flexible, mobile workplace, including mobile device management, employee access and application delivery. In practice, this can be a combination of device management, virtualisation and cloud services.

So what is mobile working and how does it work?

Independence has become an increasingly crucial factor for employees, and workplace mobility and flexibility have come to reach far beyond business trips and working from home. Many employees are looking for a working environment that is more aligned to their personal needs, such as quiet rooms to support focus. In modern business premises, traditional desks are often only one component with offices split into areas for informal get togethers, meeting rooms, phone booth pods and relaxation areas. Meetings can take place almost anywhere. Desktops and desk phones are simply not compatible with this new interior design paradigm. According to a study by the Fraunhofer Institut, one in five employees no longer has a fixed workplace. Leveraging mobile end devices such as notebooks, docking stations and an easy-to-use room booking system, everyone can find a space to work from. An additional advantage is that teams don’t have to be in the same room. Mixing things up encourages networking across departments and builds new creative bridges. Of course, this isn’t practical for every department or individual, but it can be a great way to create a more relaxed working atmosphere Only EMM makes is possible to be productive anywhere  and transform the way we work.

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Modern solutions for modern needs – How mobile working will redefine the future.

Enterprise Mobility Management goes far beyond managing company devices. It's the IT managers’ answer to critical questions like how we will deploy applications, and how we can secure outside access to our systems inside. Remote working is experiencing a boom for many reasons. The perfect mobile workplace conforms to enterprise mobility requirements With the right tools, employee availability and application access is no longer dependent on their hardware. Remote working is no longer the exception, but a constant in collaboration.
Mobility management empowers modern teams working with remote colleagues at home or who have to travel a lot. For applicants, a company’s work culture is a decisive factor and companies can attract talent by giving them the freedom to work independently and on their own terms. In short, the mobile workplace can be a stepping stone towards driving innovation well into the future.

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