Privacy Policy

Dear visitor of the Bechtle AG website,


In this privacy notice we would like to inform you what data is collected and processed when you visit our site and what this information is used for. We would also like to make you aware of what options you have, e.g. with respect to revoking data tracking.


If you have any questions concerning privacy protection within the Bechtle Group, you can send an e-mail to our data protection officer:


Protecting your right to privacy is not only our legal obligation, but also an expression of our respect for each individual.

Basic functions of this website

When you visit our site, your internet browser transmits the following types of data, which are saved on our hard drives:

  • the IP address of the computer used to access this site
  • the server requests (e.g. accessed pages) including time stamps
  • the browser type
  • the referral URL (i.e. the address of the previous website that you visited, if you came to our site by following a hyperlink from there).


These first three data types are technically required to be able to properly display the webpage you accessed. Moreover, these data may be used, if necessary,

to maintain secure operation of this website (e.g. to protect against hacking).

The referral URL is anonymised and used to compile statistics for marketing purposes.

Shop functions

a) Placing orders:

As a business customer, you can order IT products in this Website’s integrated online shop.

To process your orders, your contact details, invoice/delivery address and payment method (bank, credit cards, etc.) are required.

In some cases a credit check may be performed when placing an order. Details will be provided during the ordering process. A credit check will be performed only with your consent.


b) Requests:

Our website offers you different ways to contact us, e.g. to order a catalogue or to get information on certain products.

You can use the online chat function, request a call back or send an e-mail message.

A contact form is used to collect the required details for communication (e.g. name, phone number or e-mail address) as well as to send your message.

The collected data is used for customer relations management (contact history) and for responding to/fulfilling your request.


c) Bechtle-affiliated companies:

Through our website, contracts of sale are established with Bechtle direct GmbH, which is a subsidiary of the Bechtle Group responsible for this sales channel.

It is possible that other Bechtle-affiliated companies may become involved during contracts of sale and requests. For example, a request for on-site support at your location may be processed by a Bechtle-affiliated company in your area for said purpose.


As a potential or existing business customer, you can subscribe to or discontinue a newsletter.

Details are available on the page where you can subscribe to a newsletter:

Session cookies

This website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that your browser saves on your computer. This website uses two different kinds of cookies: session cookies and usage-profile cookies.


Session cookies are required for processing your orders on this website. This will allow your browser session to actually be assigned to you.


As the name "session cookie" implies, this cookie will be deleted when you close your browser.


Simply browsing the individual pages of this website is possible without cookies (for example, by blocking cookies through such a browser add-on).

Anonymous usage profiles

This website — in part with the help of third-party service providers — creates anonymous usage profiles for advertising and market research purposes, as well as for target-group oriented web-design.

These usage profiles are anonymised (on the web server), so that only anonymous data (i.e. no personal or personally identifiable data such as your IP address) are sent to the service providers.

Your personal data referred to under points 1 and 2 will not be associated with the usage profiles. That means that your usage profile is not attached to your name, and nobody knows what your usage profile looks like at any given time.


Web tracking (i.e. collecting data for these usage profiles) is carried out with usage-profile cookies and scripts.

These cookies enable the web server to recognise you during your browser session and also during your next browser session, provided that the cookie has not been deleted in the meantime.

You can object to the creation of usage profiles during your time on this website by clicking on the following button:





If you click the button, no usage-profile cookies will be saved on your computer, nor will the webtracking scripts be executed.

Instead, a "no-tracking cookie" will be saved on your computer. With this cookie saved on your computer, your objection will be respected (for the current and all future browser sessions) as long as the cookie is not deleted from your computer.


In particular, the following webtrackers are used on this website to create anonymous usage profiles (unless you have objected to their use):



This web analysis service of Webtrekk GmbH is used to track the response to our website and its offers and to optimize them accordingly.

For this purpose, some cookies are used, such as a session cookie, a last-click cookie and an evercookie (for recognition across multiple browser sessions). The persistent cookie, the so-called evercookie,

expires after six months at the latest, i.e. it is deleted by your browser