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The Cisco Headset 500 Series are professional wired and wireless headsets that have been specifically optimised for Cisco IP phones and soft clients.

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Gross price: €99.55 incl. €17.95 VAT

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The Yealink UH3X series headsets are ideal for professional use. The wired USB headsets deliver crystal-clear sound, block out background noise and are easy to use thanks to the call control unit.

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Gross price: €38.49 incl. €6.94 VAT

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Compared to other DECT headsets, with this device, several people sharing a room can benefit from a wireless headset and work seamlessly with crystal clear audio quality.

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Gross price: €312.32 incl. €56.32 VAT

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Made for you: Your wired headset for more productive working. Lightweight, reliable and comfortable.

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Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise's high-quality Aries 10 and Aries 20 series headsets offer professional equipment for every day communication. They are stylish, comfortable to wear and are ideal for a range of application scenarios.

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Listening to music, making calls and video chats, watching series or films: Some people don't go a minute without their ear pods, so it's good when they come with a long battery life, deliver excellent sound and are comfortable to wear--just like the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro.