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        • Acronis Cyber Protect - Backup Advanced Microsoft 365

          Acronis Cyber Protect - Backup Advanced Microsoft 365

          Protect your Microsoft 365 data with Acronis. Microsoft 365 provides robust services for business collaboration, yet Microsoft does not take responsibility for customer data. In fact, Microsoft recommends that users regularly back up content and data using third-party services. You share some responsibility. Yet without third-party backup, sensitive business data such as emails or shared files stored in Microsoft 365 are not protected from the most common or most serious data loss issues.

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        Comprehensive data security.

        Virtually all companies rely on the Internet, e-mail and digital storage platforms to carry out business processes and store customer documents. The old days of pen and paper are gone. As a result, it has become vital to ensure that sensitive digital data and information are comprehensively protected. But which of the many client backup and recovery solutions is best for you? Acronis, Arcserve and Veritas are just some of the providers offering a broad range of diverse applications for different business needs. Microsoft has also responded to the demand for extensive backups by offering suitable solutions.


        Solutions for all-round protection.

        Client backup and recovery solutions by Acronis and Arcserve provide comprehensive protection for all of your company’s systems—whether you’re a sole proprietor or multinational corporation. Acronis Backup for PCs, for instance, is not only easy to install, it also lets you secure data at both system and file level. In addition, it supports incremental and differential backups as well as virtual drives.


        Professional recovery solutions.

        Our online shop offers professional recovery solutions by trusted providers. Data emergencies, such as servers failing or your Active Directory experiencing a debilitating issue, cost time and money. Having an emergency plan will keep a true disaster at bay. SEP Sesam Bare System Recovery, for instance, enables full system recovery, including operating systems, settings and all data, regardless of which hardware you use. Discover a diverse selection of client backup and recovery solutions at