Input Devices

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                    A broad selection of input devices for PCs, notebooks and more.

                    There are myriad ways to enter data into a computer, and they’re continuously being developed and optimised. The traditional keyboard, for instance, is now used together with touchpads and pen displays. You’ll also find 3D input devices alongside graphic tablets, digital styluses and smart card readers. Mice, keyboards and trackballs have been optimised for special business applications and specially designed for hospitals and other hygienic environments. Our online shop offers a wide range of different models along with additional accessories. Specifications—Bluetooth connectivity, for example – will help you make the right choice for each type of device.


                    Focus on user-friendliness.

                    Since each action you perform on a computer must be communicated via an input device, user-friendliness is paramount. Mere milliseconds of hesitation in each input process can add up to substantial time lost in the long run. Input devices should also enhance the ergonomics of your working environment, since awkward positioning can be detrimental to your health. The notorious tennis elbow has now given way to “mouse elbow”, which is the result of repetitive movements and a tense grip on a poorly designed mouse. Our shop offers various input devices, so you can select the one that will keep you productive for longer.


                    An ever-changing market.

                    The market for input devices is evolving at a rapid pace. Graphic tablets, for instance, give you maximum, intuitive control over line thickness and colour intensity just by applying a light pressure. Many digital styluses already feature 1,024 pressure levels and can therefore be legally used to sign contracts. Speech input is also becoming more prevalent, creating a demand for new hardware. And the trusty computer mouse is also undergoing constant improvements to increase haptic comfort, while new BlueTrack technology ensures a smoother glide on any desk surface. We follow these trends closely – not only to advise you on the products of today, but also to help you navigate the innovations of tomorrow.