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The Apple Watch SE has all the essential functions of the Apple Watch in a modern design that users love - and all at a lower price. It also comes with reliable health and safety features.

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The Apple Watch Series 6 includes a number of hardware improvements, including a faster S6 System in Package (SiP). watchOS 7 brings family configuration, new training types and the ability to personalise and share dials.

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch3 combines the style of a classic watch with the features of a smartwatch.

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Check your health. Stay on top of your workouts. Get the motivation you need to reach your fitness goals. And stay in touch with the people and information that are important to you.

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Manufacturer no.: NJX-00014

Bechtle no.: 4342628

Technology: Mixed reality (MR), Weight: 0.565 kg, Wireless: Bluetooth, WLAN, Operating system: Windows


Gross price: €3,886.80 incl. €726.80 VAT

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Manufacturer no.: SSU-00003

Bechtle no.: 4525629

Technology: Mixed reality (MR), Weight: 0.565 kg, Wireless: Bluetooth, WLAN, Operating system: Windows


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Manufacturer no.: SM-R220NZKAEUB

Bechtle no.: 4514941

Display size: 2.8 cm (1.1"), Wireless: Bluetooth, Operating system: FreeRTOS, Colour: Black


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Manufacturer no.: 1N0T5AA#AB9

Bechtle no.: 4484234-13

Technology: Virtual reality (VR), Weight: 0.550 kg, Wireless: Bluetooth


Gross price: €1,120.53 incl. €209.53 VAT

Expected delivery in over 20 days.

Manufacturer no.: 6KP43EA#ABB

Bechtle no.: 4361912

Technology: Virtual reality (VR), Weight: 0.500 kg, Wireless: Bluetooth


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From fitness trackers to smartwatches, wearables are taking the business world by storm.

Wearables were long considered merely a nifty gadget interesting only to top athletes, fitness enthusiasts and techies. But times have changed, with over 100 million wearables now sold per year—and sales are only expected to grow, especially for smartwatches. These ultra-lightweight mini computers, which are worn as accessories, use the wearer’s bodily proximity to measure data such heart rate. Their popularity in the business world is soaring, thanks to enhanced sensors and expanded functionality. Wearables, above all smartwatches, give detailed feedback on the wearer’s behaviour, making them a valuable asset not only for communicating, but also for monitoring one’s health.


Business smartwatches are raising the bar for security.

Wearables come in all shapes and sizes, with plenty of scope for new, advanced features. State-of-the-art security standards are of particular interest to the business world. By protecting sensitive data in e-mails or calendar appointments, smartwatches allow even decision-makers to take full advantage of their benefits. These wrist-worn mini computers are becoming an integral part of corporate security strategies. Firewalls and appropriate access and interface management prevent dangerous security gaps, thereby keeping confidential data out of the hands of unauthorised parties. In addition, continually fine-tuned sensors provide a solid data-based argument for business smartwatches.


A harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Bechtle has taken note of the surging demand for wearables, offering a steadily growing portfolio of products on bechtle.com, such as smartwatches by market leaders Apple and Samsung. The technology itself—such as whether a smartwatch supports SIM cards—is certainly key. But an eye-catching design is just as important, with a variety of wristbands, housing colours and display sizes available. In essence, smartwatches are no different than other premium watches: the inner workings are essential, but appealing aesthetics certainly influence the final selection. After all, wearables are as much a fashion accessory as they are a technological device. Our Bechtle online shop specialists will be happy to assist you with their expert advice.