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                    I’ve only got eyes for you: monitors in the workplace.

                    Roughly half of all employees in Germany spend five days a week in front of a monitor—that’s longer than they spend on any other activity. As a result, certain prerequisites are simply indispensable, including good posture and ergonomics of the display, which should be selected carefully. Monitors with poor image quality can have a detrimental effect on employee health in the long run, they also reduce workplace efficiency. That’s why it’s in everyone’s interest to invest in high-quality displays, which you can find in all variations in our Bechtle online shop. Our experts will be happy to help you choose the one that's right for you.


                    What makes a good monitor?

                    When deciding on a suitable monitor, it’s important to consider the display size, contrast ratio and aspect ratio. Also decisive is colour depth and brightness, as well as resolution, which provides information on pixel density. Optimum display size depends on the programs you intend to use. The number of applications you need open side by side will also influence your choice of format and size. You’ll also need to look at how much desk space is available and whether you want a multi-monitor setup. Keep in mind that office environments generally use monitors measuring 55.9 cm (22”) or 61 cm (24”).


                    Additional criteria.

                    Many other factors can sway your decision to purchase a particular monitor over another. These include adjustable height, tilt angle and available ports (VGA, DVI, DisplayPort, HDMI). It’s also important to check out the display’s expected lifespan and warranty. Contact our experts for personalised advice and use our shop’s convenient filters to find the right monitors for your business and devices. Most monitors can be delivered immediately. When exploring the different brand-name models we offer, make sure to note any product details and information provided to help you choose the monitor that best fulfils your requirements. You can also order mounting and cleaning accessories directly through our shop.