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Implement innovations for the public sector – Leverage the benefits of digitalisation.

Digitalisation, the energy revolution and demographic changes are increasingly becoming a challenge for the public sector making it ever more important to provide employees with a modern and flexible workspace and facilitate the exchange of information. What’s more, cloud structures and innovative open source concepts are gaining in popularity.

Real added value can be generated by approaches that integrate demand-oriented applications, mobility, automation, security and comprehensive service concepts New technologies should help public sector customers work more efficiently and securely and it’s an area in which citizens increasingly expect to be able to access services digitally. The key word here is the Online Access Act (OZG). This new way of delivering services is seeing the public sector go through a fundamental change. The new direction demands uninterrupted resources and comprehensive expertise above all else. Bechtle has positioned itself in this field as a digitalisation partner and forged technological partnerships with the public sector. We’ve been successfully working with customers from this industry for many years, offering the latest technologies and sophisticated solutions concepts for digital transformation. After all, Bechtle has made it its mission to be the IT partner the public sector can rely on.

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Which industries and customer groups are consolidated under the public sector umbrella?

Throughout many European countries, we provide IT services not only to large national and regional organisations (federal and state), but also to municipal administrations, schools, churches, welfare and other social organisations. Our customers also include health care, research, and educational institutions as well as energy companies.

Bechtle has been supporting public sector customers for many years, offering support in implementing future-proof IT architectures with specific solutions and always with the needs of citizens in mind. They form a foundation for independent working on digital platforms and are therefore essential for ensuring the state’s digital sovereignty. The European administration is responsible for protecting, strengthening and shaping digital and multi-facetted sovereignty with suitable partners to ensure it is fit for the future—no matter if that’s in terms of strategy, objectives, organisation, processes, applications or IT infrastructures.

Steven Handgrätinger

Steven Handgrätinger

Head of Public Sector


Making the switching from classic administration to process-based thinking cannot succeed without change management, but when it does, the result can be administration that is agile, smart and zukunftsstark.

A change of perspective.

Alongside the needs of management and the IT department, it’s important to take into account the users’ desire for more flexibility when developing a holistic Digital Workplace concept. Moreover, a successful restructuring using the existing infrastructure as a foundation and this is the only way to generate long-term benefits with a modern Digital Workplace. We are by your side with future-oriented solutions and tailored service concepts to design holistic and digital workplaces.

The multiple benefits for the public sector.

Get ahead of the competition with a public sector expert
and analyse your IT investments before requests for tenders.

Our IT experts work in nine countries and at more than 90 locations around Europe for the public sector.



Precisely aligned to the needs of each target group by specialised managers.



Market proximity and technological partnerships in the public sector, which benefit from over 1,000 new projects every year.



Customer communities, Bechtle membership in the Bündnis für Bildung (Education Alliance) and partner for the DigitalPakt Schule.


Some 2,500 Bechtle employees support public sector customers , achieving revenues of over €2 billion.



Strengthening your public business:

Your public sector digitalisation partner:

How the public sector can optimally position itself.

Growing digitalisation means citizens and businesses are increasingly seeing public administration as a modern service partner with which they can quickly, securely and digitally interact. They want to be able to securely access digital services based on highly modern IT and communications technologies from wherever they are. The Online Access Act (OZG) is the benchmark against which the administration will be measured. The public sector has to implement online services successively and in a task-related manner, enable citizens and businesses digital access (electronic ID), and modernise portals and registers, but to do this, it needs an experienced and accomplished digitalisation partner. With a plethora of successful projects to fall back on, Bechtle is the partner for smart administration.

Your public sector innovation partner:

Master challenges. Modernise the organisation.

Our public sector experts can give you an in-depth look at the opportunities and alternatives digital solutions offer no matter the investment – be it innovation or classic procurement. Bechtle has extensive knowledge of procurement law and before any decisions are made, we assess to what extent IT solutions meet your requirements for a workplace of the future, hybrid cloud scenarios, e-documents, modern school concepts and open source offers. Check with our IT Business Architects to see if certain ideas can be tested in a safe environment. If no existing service on the market can fulfil the innovation or procurement requirement, public sector customers can, in accordance with Art. 19 VgV (German Public Procurement Regulations), enter into an innovation partnership with suitable companies.

Your organisation’s transformation partner:

Your tailored solution.

It has been mandatory since January 2020 for federal authorities to improve e-document workflows and processes. Working closely with the Federal Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development, Bechtle has created an e-document platform (A365 Maverick) that can be integrated into standard Office environments. This platform can be used to document business transactions with a single click, create workflows independently, simultaneously work on documents, and determine the time point for filing. The digital transformation can be moulded, from managing requirements and analysing the status quo to modelling solutions.

Your public sector service partner:

We’ll manage your IT solutions.

Procure variable IT services at a fixed price and pay for what you use. This is a brand new model and one to which we have aligned our Bechtle Clouds Platform and standardised Managed Services. It’s becoming increasingly common for public sector customers to form procurement associations that can acquire products and services at a reduced cost. Bechtle packages resources into neat bundles when creating quotes, while providing direct support to all members of the purchasing group, from delivering components all the way to operation services – regionally, nationally or across Europe.

Your public administration solutions partner:

Get your organisation future-ready.

Configure your workplace of the future, make information easily accessible and develop scenarios for hybrid cloud models now. To do so, you need a solutions partner like Bechtle that handle all things The Modern Workplace  and take into account the readiness of public institutions according to their individual compliance and security requirements. As an experienced solutions partner for the public sector, we’ll show you how you can identify opportunities and areas of action in compliance with regulations, and how you can select efficient solutions from ever-faster technologies and innovation cycles. Whether you are looking for individual software packages, tailored IT solutions, solution management, cyber security or to implement public services, we are your experienced partner for a sustainable, smart and digital future.

Bechtle wins lots for European OCRE tender.


Bechtle empowers digitalisation in Saarland schools.


Bechtle wins Dataport tender for open-source collaboration platform Phoenix. 


The public sector at Bechtle Competence Days 2021.



    Further information about your path to a digital future can be found in our brochure: Transforming the future.



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