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Why it's best to opt for a Choose Your Own Device policy

Imagine: you work for an organisation and after a few years you receive a notification that your business device is end-of-life. The notification also informs you that you can pick up your new device at the office, which is located 100km from your home. You have no idea which device you will get; it will be a surprise when you pick it up. You hope it's another 15-inch laptop, but unfortunately, the IT team bought you an 11-inch one. You are unable to work with this device. Not everyone has the same work style.  

Zero Touch Deployment with Device as a Service


Or imagine this situation: you have been with an organisation for three years. You receive a notification that it is time to exchange your business device for a new one. In the mail, you also find a bundle, from which you can choose a new device. Of course, you choose the 15-inch laptop, because you believe it is the best fit for you. You enter your address details and less than a week later your new device is delivered to your home. You send your old device to the office, and you can get to work straight away.


Which of the above situations would you prefer? About 74%* of the employees prefer situation two, in large companies (>500 employees) this is even 86%. With Choose Your Own Device, the employee in a company can choose a device from a list that has been carefully compiled in advance. Because the employee is given the choice, job satisfaction increases. 

  1. What are the advantages of Choose Your Own Device?

  2. Increased productivity of employees

One employee is not the other, a Sales employee utilises his laptop or phone quite differently than someone who works in the finance department. According to a Jamf survey*, 68% of employees say they are more productive when they have had a say in choosing their work device. When you include your employees in the process, they feel more involved. They choose the right device with the right tools, so they can work quickly and efficiently.  


More attractive employer

Millennials are currently the largest generation in the workforce. This group has grown up with technology. For them, technology is not a solution, but an extension of their daily lives. This affects their decision when looking for a job, but also employee satisfaction once they are employed. If you want to attract top talent to your company, it is necessary to let your employees choose which device they want to work with. According to a 2018 Harvard Business Review study, employees are also more likely to stay in their jobs if they have a choice of devices. 


Clearer overview in hardware

Organisations often struggle with the proliferation of devices. That is why you must work towards a standardised approach. By dividing your employees into personas, you link a few devices to personas through bundles. Your employees can choose their favourite device from this bundle.  This reduces the proliferation of devices and makes it easier to maintain an overview of your devices and your hardware spending.

Are you thinking about integrating a CYOD policy? Then DAAS might be the right solution for you. With Device as a Service, we look at your organisation together, define personas and link some devices to these categories. In addition, this solution has many other advantages.

Want to know more? Read more about Device as a Service here.

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This post was published on Sep 16, 2021.