ARTICONA – Top iPhone accessories.

  • Protection solutions for current iPhone models 
  • Full range of charging accessories for every situation, wireless or cable chargers
  • Styluses for iPhone and iPad


A new device always requires sufficient protection to make it long-lasting. The ARTICONA portfolio features a whole raft of products that can provide exactly this. The topic of sustainability is becoming increasingly important, which is why ARTICONA packaging and products are constantly being developed for more sustainability and eco-friendliness and the role of the circular economy is also becoming more critical.

One example of this is recycled iPhone case from ARTICONA, which are made out of PET bottles. One PET bottle provides enough raw material to produce one iPhone case. The cases are posted in minimalist packaging made from recycled cardboard and paper. By purchasing ARTICONA cases, you are not only extending your device’s life span, you’re doing your bit to help the environment.

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Looking for a book case, flip case, slip case? ARTICONA is on the case! Pick your favourite material and design and keep your device safe from the harshness of everyday use.

Screen protection.

Let your iPhone shine without a scratch or smudge in sight. Keep the display protected for just a small investment and prevent costly repairs.


Suitable for iPad and iPhone. Battery lasts up to 5 days. Automatically turns off after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Charging accessories.

Discover our versatile range of ARTICONA charging accessories to keep your iPhone juiced up and ready to do business.