Acer Reliability Promise.

Security for your IT investments with the Acer Reliability Promise.



Product quality is front and centre of everything Acer does because only high-quality products guarantee smooth operation and optimum reliability.

Acer’s Reliability Promise is a sustainable commitment to B2B business and demonstrates confidence in product quality.

That’s the Acer Reliability Promise.

As a business customer, Acer offers you real investment security: If your Acer device develops a fault within the first year, Acer will repair the device free of charge according to the warranty and will refund the full purchase price.


Durable business products with a reliability promise.

Enterprise IT security is always a top priority. Business products need to be able to keep up with professional demands and intensive use. As a customer, you expect smooth operation and a stable, reliable performance. In addition, modern workplaces need to be characterised, not only in terms of quality, but also through efficiency and guarantee your business’ investment security. Acer is well aware of that!


Quality, reliability, stability.

For Acer, reliability and efficiency start with the hardware on your desk. That’s why they put their faith in the highest quality—from product development and component selection to production. Before delivery, the products undergo numerous tests. That’s why we can recommend Acer business products with a clear conscience as the technologies and features are designed to be durable.


Excellent service and support.

The multi-awarding-winning service and support centre in Ahrensburg speaks your language. If a device should have a fault, experts provide fast support.

Modern devices and top service.
Acer Business Notebooks.

TravelMate P Series notebooks are equipped with wide-ranging, modern features. With this reliable and lightweight business device, you can be on the road all day thanks to its robust design, fast-charging and FHD touch screen.




Acer Desktops.

The mini PCs are space-saving and powerful and equipped with the latest processors and security-relevant features.





Acer Monitors.

Protect your eyes and experience excellent colour quality with the Acer monitors. Easily tilt, swivel and pivot the monitor according to your ergonomic needs in each application area thanks to the durable stainless steel stand.





Acer Projectors.

When presenting in large rooms, a clear image and high resolution are essential. With Acer P5 projectors you can deliver perfect results with first-class technologies and optional wireless feature.





That’s the Acer Reliability Promise.


  • Register your eligible product within 30 days of purchase at
  • If the device develops a fault, Acer will repair it according to the warranty.
  • If a fault develops within the first year, send your repair report and invoice within 30 days to Acer under
  • Acer checks the request and refunds the full purchase price.