Otterbox ProPack Sturzschutz+

OtterBox ProPack (PP).

Certified OtterBox Drop+ Protection for your devices.


OtterBox is renowned for its robust products that protect their customer’s valuable devices from wear and tear, but environmental protection is also close to the company’s heart. That’s why a team in Fort Collins, Colorado has developed the sustainable Pro Pack (PP) to save time and reduce waste.

What is Pro Pack (PP)?

Pro Pack (PP) is OtterBox’s promise to protect the environment by reducing the amount of waste caused by packaging. If you select this reduced packaging option when making a purchase, you are making an active contribution towards a sustainable future, plus you save valuable time unpacking. The OtterBox logo on the sleeve guarantees that you are getting a certified product.

Otterbox Icon Zeit sparen


No more wasting time trying to get into packages.

Otterbox Icon einfache Installation


Simply open the package and install on your devices

Otterbox Icon Abfall vermeiden


Reduce unnecessary packaging.

Otterbox Produkte im Unternehmensalltag

Protect your devices.

It’s impossible to imagine working without mobile devices and these need to work reliably. OtterBox protects your valuable business investments and secures your employees’ productivity.


Otterbox Produkte in der Verwaltung

Sustainable admin support.

Mobile technology is in use in all kinds of locations not just the office. OtterBox also offers protection for devices belonging to police, firefighters and workers on government contracts.


Otterbox Produkte in der Schule

Robust educational mandate in schools and universities.

The modern classroom is equipped with a range of high-value devices. OtterBox takes its educational mandate seriously and protects devices from accidental knocks and other mishaps.


Otterbox Produkte im Gesunfheitswesen

Effective protection in healthcare.

Doctors and carers risk their own health to protect ours. That’s why we protect their devices from drops and everyday stresses so that their patients can continue to receive first-class care.