The Bechtle Components portfolio.

The right components for your ideal computer.

We expect a great deal from office computers . But not every employee needs a fully-equipped, high-end workstation; sometimes a more user-friendly, energy-efficient client is sufficient. For maximum flexibility, why not build your computer from scratch or retrofit one with individual components? This requires skill and experience, however, otherwise you may end up with a whole that’s less than the sum of its parts. That’s why Bechtle offers not only all the products you need, but also the expert advice of our product managers. They’ll make sure, for instance, that your SSD has the right interfaces for your motherboard.


Easy selection and configuration.

Our online portfolio contains over 70,000 products, of which 3,000 are system components produced by some 50 renowned manufacturers. We offer diverse memory modules, storage media, SSDs, hard drives, interfaces, controllers, processors, video cards, optical drives and enclosures as well as power adapters and accessories. Finding what you need is easy, thanks to our online shop’s extensive filter and search options for each component. You can also narrow down your choices by selecting which specifications, manufacturers and price range you’re interested in.


System components, peripherals and warranties.

Performance tends to be first on your mind when retrofitting or configuring your office computer, but there are many other factors to consider as well. In addition to costs, you’ll want to consider system security and software—not to mention how the component fits into your existing network and what options are available for connecting peripherals. And although high-quality components deliver reliable performance, you should still take note of the manufacturer’s warranty terms in case your product ever fails. Accessories—whether network cards or hard drive cables—are also essential for boosting productivity. You’ll find them in our online shop. Make sure also to look at each product’s details for suggestions on suitable accessories.