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No business can do without IT and yours is no exception, relying on the perfect interplay of enterprise-critical applications. With solutions from HPE and Bechtle, you ensure your IT doesn’t hold back your business so you can focus on what matters most.  
As a trusted IT partner in a hybrid world, we are on-hand to help with future-proof customised IT infrastructures. We design solutions that meet the demands of any organisation and because we are a Silver HPE Partner Ready Solution Provider, we always have a finger on the pulse of latest solutions. By your side, now and in the future.


Why Choose HPE Compute and Storage Solutions?

HPE has made it its mission to transform your business by collating, protecting, analysing and reacting to your business data. No matter if your data are in the cloud or on-site, Transform your insights into results in a flash and keep up with the pack in today’s complex world.

  • Seamless Scalability: Scale your resources effortlessly to meet growing demands without compromising on performance.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Optimise workloads and streamline operations for maximum productivity and cost-effectiveness.
  • Reliable Performance: Experience unparalleled performance and reliability for critical applications and data.
  • Agile Flexibility: Respond to changing business requirements with a flexible infrastructure that supports your evolving needs.
  • Advanced Data Management: Harness the power of intelligent data management and analytics capabilities to gain valuable insights.

HPE GreenLake

HPE GreenLake for Storage
Save, manage and protect all your workloads – Everywhere. 

Modernise all your applications with HPE GreenLake—from the edge to the cloud. HPE GreenLake supports multiple clouds no matter the location of your workloads and is the foundation for more than 50 cloud services. Thanks to the pay-as-you-go model, you only pay for what you actually use. Find out more about what HPE GreenLake can do your business.
HPE GreenLake is a mix of on-premise and cloud solutions that responds perfectly to market changes. HPE GreenLake for Storage resolves issues around hybrid cloud data lifecycles by simplifying data management through an intuitive cloud experience supported by AI, a powerful architecture and seamlessly integrated data backups for the hybrid cloud. Unlock the full potential of your organisation’s data with HPE GreenLake for Storage.

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