Scenario 1: A sales representative puts together his team in just a few clicks, communicates the current status of a sales opportunity and asks the assigned designer to update his initial proposed solution. The prospective customer has just uploaded the information required for this update. Meetings are scheduled and coordinated directly through a call. Everyone is immediately up to date and knows what needs to be done, and by when.


Scenario 2: A customer has an urgent problem and the customer service employee assisting her includes a specialist to help with the case. This specialist can see all pertinent information at a glance, enabling her to help the customer directly.


These are two examples of what we call Next Level Business IT.


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Microsoft Teams is a top application for collaborating securely—even with team members outside your company. It’s now deeply integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications, as illustrated by our examples, which portray sales and customer service scenarios.

This combination of two standard Microsoft solutions offers impressive opportunities and a substantial competitive advantage:

  • Support for modern, agile organisations by allowing the creation of custom, task-focused teams quickly. You’ll always have the right people at your virtual table.
  • Increase in customer retention: customers can be included in teams, where they can share files, contribute to discussions and provide input.
  • Maximum transparency: Since relevant data is drawn directly from the appropriate business app, you’ll always be up to date on the status of your process, without having to toggle between programs or consult unwieldy printouts.
  • Productivity boost: Direct communication with all team members, coupled with the integration of business solutions, saves you time in your daily work while also ensuring that you receive high-quality data.

There are a number of good reasons to take a closer look at this technology and discover what doors it can open for your own business. Bechtle is an experienced partner that will not only supply the technology, but also expertly help you get started using it and share best practices from our own experience—all from a single source.