The Intel vPro® platform: Built for Business.


The Intel vPro® platform has been designed specifically for businesses, delivering integrated performance, security and management features for more stability and more efficient resource use. This comprehensive approach makes the Intel vPro® platform so much more than a sum of its parts. 




Benefits of the Intel vPro® platform.

The combination of performance, security and stability enables the platform to fulfil all requirements necessary for a modern IT environment and also ensures the user can work efficiently.

    Premium performance.

    The Intel vPro® platform delivers business-class performance. Regardless of the form factor, this enables faster data processing. Users can work more efficiently and productively no matter if in the office or on the road. Thanks to the extended connectivity options, you’ll always be connected with the Intel vPro® platform. Plus the enhanced battery life delivers first-class performance for business tasks without the need to find a plug.

    Hardware-supported security.

    In order to protect their data, many companies turn to software-based security solutions, but hackers are refining their skills to launch targeted attacks on hardware. Developed for businesses, the vPro® platform offers hardware-strengthened security features that protect all computing stack layers. As part of the Intel vPro® platform, Intel® Hardware Shield provides enhanced protection against attacks made below the operating system layer. This means you can reduce your attack surfaces and protect your employees from new types of attack.

    Remote manageability.

    In today’s globalised business world, system management has top priority. The Intel vPro® platform makes it possible for IT admins to remotely manage and maintain PCs, kiosk systems, digital signage and other devices even when they are not in operation or the standard network connection is down. 


    Intel® Active Management Technology can reduce the costs for IT Service Desk enquiries and includes additional features for the detection, monitoring, maintenance, recovery and protection of networked PCs and other end devices. With the Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant, you’ll be able to manage your devices even when they are out-of-band or outside the firewall.

    Reliable platform.

    Constantly upgrading hardware and software is associated with unnecessary costs and interruptions which also makes provisioning PC images difficult. The Intel® Stable IT Platform Program (Intel® SIPP) was developed over a decade ago with the aim of keeping central platform components and drivers stable for a period of 15 months – or until the next generation of technology is introduced. The Intel vPro® platform is an integrated solution based on Intel® SIPP and therefore offers much more reliability within a device generation. IT admins and employees will appreciate this higher level of stability and reliability.

    Download our eBook to learn more about the Total Economic Impact™ Of The Intel vPro® Platform. The key takeaways from this include device management cost savings, improved employee experience and efficiency, and a reduction in both time and expensive remediation of imaging and patching failures.


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