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        Secure mounts for a better working environment.

        Mounts play two key roles. On the one hand, they must keep the device securely in place and, on the other, ensure maximum ergonomics. Monitors, for instance, require solid, sturdy support while still allowing users to adjust the device’s position horizontally and vertically. Our online shop offers tailored solutions for every situation, so you’ll be sure to find a mount that meets both your load-capacity and flexibility requirements. We carry a wide range of VESA standard mounting solutions, from discreet behind-the-screen brackets for thin clients to height-adjustable dual-monitor conference trolleys.


        What to look for in a mount.

        Because you depend on them daily, you expect your mounts to deliver top performance—regardless of whether it’s a special arrangement securing an interactive system or simply a non-slip keyboard pad. Maximum load capacity is a key consideration for wall mounts in particular, and we provide this information in our online shop. Additional criteria such as a mount’s VESA standard, physical footprint and mobility also play a role. What good is a mount that fits like a glove if you don’t have enough wall space in your conference room to accommodate it? In this case, a ceiling mount or stand may be the answer. Our product managers will be happy to help you navigate the various options.  


        Sophisticated hardware mounts.

        Although each company’s physical environment is unique, you can be sure there’s a suitable mount system to match it. Instead of settling for a one-size-fits-all product, why not look for an advanced, flexible solution? Because Bechtle partners with over 20 established mount manufacturers, such as Dataflex, Ergotron, Hama and Vogel’s, we offer a correspondingly large selection—including sophisticated rail systems and pivoting, articulated arms with a high load capacity. For example, we carry a desk-mounted pole system for up to six monitors that can rotate 360 degrees. What mounts does your business need? We’ll help you find a solution.