Microsoft 365 for business.

SMBs: Work securely from anywhere with Microsoft 365

With the acceleration of digital transformation, partly linked to COVID-19, IT managers and SMB executives had to adapt quickly to provide their employees with efficient and secure tools to ensure business continuity.


It is indeed essential for SMBs to deploy software solutions that meet the following needs:

  • Workforce mobility in a hybrid work environment combining teleworking and on-site presence;
  • IT security, especially for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and remote access to company resources and network; 
  • Ease of management for small IT teams; and
  • Reasonable cost per user.

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Microsoft 365 has the particularity of covering all of the above needs through its Microsoft 365 Business Premium offer, for a monthly cost per user of approximately 17 euros. In addition to the traditional Office 365 suite, discover the collaborative features (Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Viva), the advanced security options and the management features that make Microsoft 365 the most complete offer on the market for SMBs.


Microsoft Teams: 250 million monthly active users in July 2021¹


With Microsoft Teams you can:

  • Organise meetings
  • Instant chat
  • Share documents
  • Collaborate on documents in real-time
  • Make and receive phone calls (add-on required)

¹Techradar, “Microsoft Teams now has 250 million monthly active users”, July, 28th  2021:


Advanced security

Microsoft 365 Business Premium is the only plan for small and medium-sized businesses that offers advanced security to users, regardless of their device or location.


Key features include:

  • Access and identity management with multi-factor authentication and conditional access
  • Protection from threats with Microsoft Defender for Office 365
  • Data loss prevention with Azure Information Protection


Ease of management

  • Simplified device management with Autopilot and Intune
  • Management of users from the Microsoft 365 Administration Center


Affordable and flexible offering

    • Attractive cost of about 17 euros per month per user
    • Subscription flexibility through the CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) model

    Microsoft Viva, announced in Spring 2021, the employee experience platform is gradually becoming available in the form of the following modules:

    Viva Insights    |     Viva Topics     |     Viva Connections     |     Viva Learning


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