Do you work in a sustainable way?

Take a look around. Nature is pretty amazing. It gives great sunsets on the beach and hikes in the mountains. We are responsible for preserving and protecting it. Did you know you can do it while working? Find out how.


With universal docking stations from Targus:
Connect any device. Wherever you are. Simple.

Intelligent strategies for the world of work start here:

Just connect.


Hot-desking made easy. Goodbye to endless cables. Hello productivity boost.
Design the simple, open, mobile workstation that your company needs. Extend the life of your existing devices and increase your ROI with a productive, device-neutral workstation of the new era.
And if you belong to the 70% of companies that want to incorporate modern flexible ways of working (from hot-desking to new collaboration zones), then now is the time to act.

Targus’ universal docking stations are an easy and affordable way to make the change—they enable you to get more out of the mix of devices you already have, making your permanent workstations more open and portable.



You can support  a clean environment and a healthy climate.
Do it one step at a time.


Start with the new Cypress Collection with EcoSmart®. These environmentally friendly backpacks are made from recycled plastic bottles without compromising their ergonomic comfort and flexible working features.


Whether you want an eco-friendly laptop backpack for your daily commute or a simple briefcase that is easy to carry around, Targus has the perfect backpack designed to protect your everyday work essentials, while also taking you on a journey to a greener planet.