Secure encryption, fast transfer speeds – Backups with Veeam


With end-to-end encryption, Veeam applications guarantee your data are secure at all times from operation to backup to remote storage. Data are encrypted, compressed, and backed up directly from the Veeam environment to the Bechtle Cloud in one go, with an optional Veeam WAN accelerator optimising transfer speeds even further. That’s how efficient, easy and secure backups can be today


Veeam Cloud Connect for optimised bandwidth utilisation


Optimised bandwidth utilisation.


Veeam Cloud Connect can leverage existing Veeam Backups in the Bechtle Cloud. Secondary backup jobs save data directly to the cloud where they can be retrieved at any time. And you’re always in control of how they are used and configured. Backups are compressed, encrypted, and transferred via encrypted lines for double the security.

Veeam WAN accelerator for speedy backups.


The Veeam WAN accelerator utilises caching together with variable block length data fingerprinting and traffic compression to get VM backups off site 50 times faster without the need for agents, specialised software or dedicated hardware. Duplicate files are cached and referenced in a global cache instead of being sent across the WAN again, minimising bandwidth utilisation dramatically.


Veeam and Veeam WAN accelerator benefits at a glance.

  • Master the 3-2-1 rule with your backups in the cloud
  • No overhead for hardware or staff handling physical storage media
  • End-to-end encryption secures data during operation
  • Encrypted and compressed direct-to-cloud backups


Veeam WAN Accelerator features.

  • Get backups off site up to 50 times faster
  • No changes to the existing network infrastructure required
  • Supports unreliable and high latency network connections
  • Dramatic savings on WAN bandwidth or a WAN accelerator