Virtual private cloud – Easy to start, convenient to expand.

Bechtle offers a new, standardised private cloud solution available in three versions: Bechtle Private Cloud Bronze, Bechtle Private Cloud Silver and Bechtle Private Cloud Gold. The Bechtle Private Cloud—hosted in our own data centres in Friedrichshafen and Frankfurt (both in Germany)—is based on VMware vCloud Director and leverages advanced, premium name-brand components.



Easy to get started. Convenient to expand.

The Bechtle Private Cloud is ultra-easy to deploy so you can begin reaping the benefits straight away. Migrating your digital assets into the Bechtle data centres is now much faster than ever before, accelerating the creation of virtual servers, network configuration and easy resource allocation—effectively shortening the transition phase to an absolute minimum.

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Bechtle Virtual Private Cloud benefits.


  • ISO 27001-certified operations
  • Tier 3+ data centre
  • Direct connection to the DE-CIX internet exchange point
  • All data and services located and provided in Germany
  • Expert staff looking after your solution
  • Bechtle-quality support
  • Powerful performance
  • Modular, scalable services
  • Geo-redundancy (optional)
  • 24×7 control centre and other operational services
  • Transparent invoicing
Virtual DataCenter.
WAN connectivity.
Costs and reports.
Expert help desk.
Virtual DataCenter.


Our VDC Bronze delivers a cost-effective data centre ideally suited to proof-of-concept environments. VDC Silver offers even more power and availability, with Intel CPU performance of up to 2.5 GHz.


If your business needs maximum performance and availability, our VDC Gold provides synchronously mirrored storage (Tier 1) and Intel CPUs with up to 3 GHz. Processors.




Our virtualisation hosts run on powerful, advanced Intel processors with up to 3.4 GHz turbo boost speeds. Capacity management ensures your virtual machines will always have access to the required CPU power.



Our storage system is divided into three tiers:


Tier 1: Powerful, high-availability SSD storage and up to 3 IO/GB. Data is mirrored synchronously over 30 km

Tier 2: Powerful storage with up to 2 IO/GB.

Tier 3: Cost-efficient storage with up to 1 IO/GB.

WAN connectivity.



Through Bechtle’s private cloud you’ll benefit from an Internet flat rate providing guaranteed bandwidth with no hidden costs. You can choose to simply connect Bechtle Private Cloud to your MPLS or establish a direct connection to hyperscalers such as Microsoft or Amazon.




Your data is safe with us!

Bechtle Private Cloud offers various firewall models depending on your needs, such as a fully managed next-generation firewall with intrusion detection and prevention. For simple applications, we also offer an edge firewall with basic firewall, VPN and load-balancing features.

Costs and reports.



Many cloud providers use hard-to-understand invoicing schemes to conceal hidden costs.

By contrast, we pride ourselves on providing customers and partners with a transparent, comprehensible cost model.

Expert help desk.



We offer round-the-clock assistance through a cutting-edge, remote shared service desk guaranteeing first-rate solutions expertise and short response times. Your users will be able to turn to this central help desk with any service questions or IT issues they may have.

Virtual DataCenter - BRONZE.

Affordable data centre that’s ideal for proof-of-concept environments; Intel CPU up to 2.0 GHz; SATA disk performance.

Virtual DataCenter - SILVER.

Powerful data centre located in Frankfurt; Intel CPU up to 2.0 GHz; SAS disk performance.

Virtual Datacenter - Gold.

Powerful, high-availability data centre; synchronous mirroring; Intel CPU up to 3.0 GHz; SSD disk performance.


Virtual Private Cloud.
Only available in German.
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