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As a key player in the European IT market, Bechtle would also like to become a key player in the French HPC market.

Bechtle is here to support you in selecting the best high-performance computing solution for you.


Our partnerships and certifications by HPC specialists enable us to create solutions that are made to meet the requirements of our customers. We will help you to develop the solution that suits you: Compute cluster, SMP machine (up to 32 processors), GPU, software, service delivery, remote 3D visualisation solution, distributed storage, high performance networking, deep learning, artificial intelligence, etc.

Questions about HPC?


Aline Gauthier

HPC Advisor

Phone: +33 3 69 06 34 22

Questions about HPC?


Aline Gauthier

HPC Advisor
Phone: +33 3 69 06 34 22


Our key partners.


FRA-SYS is the overclocked high-performance stations and servers specialist, invented, designed and assembled in France. FRA-SYS offers a unique range that drastically improves CAD / CAD/CAM / computing processing times for the same number of processer cores. An important benefit to reduce the need for process core licences.

FRA-SYS also offers a try and buy option.


Recently, graphic processor supported Deep Learning has launched cutting edge Ai—and with it the latest generation of computing. Graphics processers are used as the “brains” of computers, robots, and self-driving cars, making them able to perceive and understand things.

NVIDIA DGX systems are designed to provide data scientists with the most powerful tools for researching AI that they can use at their desks, in the data centre, and in the cloud.

Supermicro Product neu

Supermicro providers configurable solutions with a high level of graduality for every budget, that can tackle even the most challenging elements of HPC design and provision.

Supermicro offers the widest range of GPU machines.

From x86 access servers and super computers to convergent storage servers and intelligent cluster solutions, Lenovo offers the right systems for your HPC and big data requirements- Lenovo is particularly impressive in their high level of integration and large selection. All of their products, from entry level to high-end, offer low latency and fulfil the specific requirements of every workload.

Lenovo Product

Meet the most compute-intensive demands with Dell’s high-performance computing solutions. HPC solutions from Dell combine several systems to perform complex computations, letting you attain the performance of a super computer without the associated costs.

Huawei uses high-performance servers, high-capacity storage, and innovative cluster and device management software to unleash the full potential of HPC.

Huawei Product neu

Distributed Storage.

Parallel file systems are the default way of saving intermediate data or input or result data and fulfilling the ever increasing performance requirements of HPC storage systems.

Panasas Product neu

Panasas is the leading provider of powerful parallel storage solutions that enable companies to access, save, and manage their important data.

Panasas systems offer data storage and management for high performance applications in the areas of life sciences, energy, media and entertainment, manufacturing, public administration and research.

Network with high speed and low latency.

The simplest HPC cluster uses a single gigabit or 10 gigabit Ethernet network for administrative data traffic, data sharing, and application processing. If applications are sensitive to bandwidth or latency, high-speed connections such as Infiniband, Omni-Path and 100 Gb/s Ethernet come into play.

Cornelis powers HPC solutions that help solve the world’s toughest problems.

Through its highly-optimized OpenFabrics Interfaces implementation, Cornelis Omni-Path Express supports a broad range of middleware and frameworks including Intel MPI, Open MPI, MPICH, MVAPICH2, SHMEM, GasNet, TensorFlow, and many more.

Plus you get exceptional performance for a wide range of HPC applications, including computational fluid dynamics, computational chemistry, molecular dynamics, genomics, financial risk modeling, computer aided engineering, weather predictions, seismic imaging, and many others.

mellanox product

InfiniBand products from Mellanox technologies for computer clusters are found in many Top500 computers [35]. They offer high performance and some even come with a TCP offload engine.

HPC infrastructure and design.

This German company manufactures computer arrays and complete data centres. It develops and produces solutions for electric sheaths, power distribution, climatisation and IT infrastructure. Rittal has built systems for several high-performance data centres in France (Mésocentres Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Paris, …)

Eaton is one of the leading providers of energy management and protection solutions. UPSs, intelligent power distribution units (PDUs), IT arrays, airflow management solutions, software and associated services in den sectors of infrastructure, network, tertiary sector, industry, medicine and living.

HPC infrastructure solutions from Bechtle are very wide ranging—from convergence to containers.

Cooling and design... From convergence to container!


High Performance Computing (HPC) involves the use of supercomputers to calculate complex processes in research, automotive, aerospace, life sciences and medical research industries.


An HPY cluster may not only consist of high end hardware, otherwise there is the danger of it ending up an empty and unusable husk. They require software tools to make monitoring, administration and use easier.


We are on-hand to offer support during your HPC and/or deep learning projects—from problem analysis to solution operations. We are your central contact for hardware and software, consultation, implementation and operations.


You can find the Bechtle Group customer references in the HPC section.