NVIDIA – High-Performance-power for AI.

In order to properly harness the benefits of AI, we need comprehensive computing power. A powerful system that fulfils these requirements is the NVIDIA DGX™ based on the NVIDIA®® Volta™ high-performance GPU platform. What’s more, NVIDIA DGX provides GPU-supported software for companies and simplified management—all in one compact system.

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AI work group systems

Server-class workstation ideal for experimentation and development by teams. No data centre required.


AI training, inference, and analytics

The latest range of server solutions to solve help you solve the biggest challenges with AI.


Scaled AI infrastructure solution

Industry-standard infrastructure designs for the AI enterprise.


Turnkey AI infrastructure

Full-cycle, industry-leading infrastructure for the fastest path to AI innovation at scale.

Benefits of the DGX Station and DGX Server:

Optimised extra software

Optimised AI software including an AI-optimised base operating systems let you simplify deployment and work productively in hours instead of months.

Unsurpassed AI sector performance

DGX is the keystone of a range of TOP500 super computers and has been adopted by many leading companies.


Scalable AI clusters

The architecture is highly scalable with several nodes and has been developed together with branch leaders in storage, calculation, and networking.

Access to AI expertise

NVIDIA DGXperts is a global team with more than 14,000 AI professionals who have acquired a wealth of experience over the past decade—to help you maximise your DGX investment.

NVIDIA Station DGX™ A100 – The universal system for all AI workloads

NVIDIA DGX™ A100 Station – The power of a data centre without any additional IT infrastructure.
The powerful performance of this innovative solution, a fully optimised software stack and direct access to NVIDA DGXperts accelerate your projects, delivering relevant insights faster.



AI supercomputing for data science teams

The DGX Station A100 provisions companies with multiple users a centralised AI resource they can use simultaneously. MIG (multi-instance GPU) lets the DGX A100 Station allocate users and jobs up to 28 separate GPU instances.


The performance of a data centre, without one

DGX Station A100 is an AI system at server level that requires neither the power supply nor the cooling of a data centre. DGX Station A100 features NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs, a premium, server class CPU, super fast NVME storage and breakneck PCIe Gen4 buses as well as remote management that lets you manage the system like a server.



An AI appliance that you can set up anywhere

DGX Station A100 is designed for data science teams working in offices, laboratories, research institutes, and even from home. DGX Station A100 doesn’t require a complicated installation or a specific IT infrastructure. Simply plug the system into a power socket and in just a few minutes you’ll be up and running and ready to work wherever you want to.


Larger models, quicker answers

NVIDIA DGX Station A100 is a global first—a system with four fully networked and MIG-capable NVIDIA A100 GPUs, that use NVIDIA® NVLink®, to run jobs in parallel and serve multiple users without compromising on system performance. Train large models with a fully GPU-optimised software stack and up to 320 GB GPU memory.