Articona Work-Types

ARTICONA – Maximum productivity.

Buying the right accessories for the right people in the right locations.


It’s been a while since businesses bought the same devices for every single employee. The way different departments work and the tasks they have to tackle various too much for a one-size-fits-all approach, so why shouldn’t that apply to accessories as well?

One person needs a hub for all their external devices, another wants a mobile printer for business trips and the third has to be able to connect up a second monitor quickly and easily at home. Who wants to drag around a suitcase full of accessories “just in case”?

To gain an overview of the different requirements and working styles in your company, it is recommended to carry out a criteria-based analysis of your own workforce. Those employees working from home have different requirements than those travelling a lot, while the typical office worker would be hopelessly bamboozled by the professional tools leveraged by IT wizzes. We’ve put together a list of four types of workers and the products each of them need.

Maybe you’ll recognise your own staff in the list. If not, we know each organisation is set up differently and we are happy to evaluate your workforce and make recommendations for suitable accessories. Get in touch with your Bechtle account manager or contact us at!

Articona Desk-based worker
Desk-based worker.

Spends the majority of time at the office. Works from home now and again.

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Articona Hybrid worker
Hybrid worker.

Splits time equally between working from the office and home.


Articona Road warrior
Road warrior.

Spends most of the time on the go.


Articona Tech wizard
Tech wizard.

Spends the majority of time at the office. Works externally now and again.