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Workplace Security in the Modern Workplace.


These days, users need to be able to access data and applications quickly and securely, both within and outside of the corporate network. It quickly becomes clear how important a modern workplace security approach is as the number of cyber-attacks continues to rise. It is essential for businesses to protect their most important assets – their network and sensitive data. IT security forms the foundation for compliance and must be a part of any strategic planning even when it comes to the Modern Workplace.

Workplace Security: Why you should act now. Overview of key benefits:

Secure, modern working significantly reduces the danger of data loss and attacks.


Your employees’ identities and therefore access to corporate data are optimally protected.


Modern Workplace security concepts increase the level of security in your company. IT resources are freed up.


Endless numbers of passwords are a thing of the past. Employees can easily and securely log on.


Employees can work securely and quickly from anywhere and access all files and applications. Efficiency increases.


See the potential of the modern workplace.

In our whitepaper, you’ll learn how a modern digital workplace

  • Boosts productivity,
  • Helps in recruiting,
  • Enhances workforce retention within the company


And why a coherent concept is more important than just buying new end devices. Break away from outdated attitudes!


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Business Manager Modern Workplace

Christian Malzacher

Digital transformation is progressing at an increasingly fast pace and is affecting business processes, the way we work and also technical processes. It is important that IT security in the workplace is taken seriously from the very beginning to protect your employees’ most important asset – their identity.

More secure data access – Wherever you are.

Users want to be able to access data and applications from anywhere, but this opens the door to potential attacks, which is way workplace security needs to be considered from the start. By using the latest security technologies, you protect your business holistically. We are by your side to help you include IT security in your Modern Workplace concept and understand the challenges of this rapidly changing world. Protect your business holistically so that you can focus on your work.

What does a modern approach to IT security mean?

The principle of shielding yourself with firewalls and tactical point solutions falls short when it comes to modern workplace security. IT security can no longer be ensured by walling your company in like a fortress. Your employees should be able to use applications and access company data from wherever they decide to work. Your company should therefore incorporate current security standards such as biometrics and cutting-edge data encryption into your security concept.


Workplace Security: One identity instead of endless passwords!

An infinite number of passwords, a multitude of management and user portals—a thing of the past thanks to a modern approach. Because modern, cloud-based architectures use holistic permissions and role concepts—which cover all services and applications. The new way—just one identity! Your employees will be able to access all services and applications with a single account (username and password).


Benefit from multi-factor authentication for even more security. But passwords and usernames on their own aren’t enough. The use of passwords alone is a main target for hackers. Opt for a modern alternative instead: multi-factor authentication. The system checks the plausibility of the login using several independent factors—such as access location and time. Additionally, the identity of the user can be ascertained by a call, SMS, or the Authenticator App.


And modern cloud technology provides more security with access controls for documents and files. One example I can give you is: A company can grant its employees the permissions required to read e-mails on their private computers, while still forcing them to use their work devices to print or download the content.

modern workplace

Remote work = more risk? Putting a seatbelt on a modern working style.

A surge in the number of remote workers has data protection and data security officers worried about a growing exposure to malware, hacker attacks and a higher risk of data leaks. Read why IT security should be the spring of a new grasp on a modern working style.



Workplace Security: How to keep on top of it?

How can you find your way through the jungle of overwhelming technical solution options to the one that’s right for your requirements? You need a partner at your side who understands modern working and digitalisation and can look back on extensive security experience. We possess these skills and will work with you to create a custom modern workplace concept that incorporates workplace security right from the start. We offer solutions for on-premise, hybrid, and cloud IT. And we’ll help you implement your personal modern workplace concept. Act now and begin your journey to modern and secure working!

The Bechtle approach: Workplace Security Assessment.

Requirement workshop

Definition of requirements with all relevant parties incl. a definition of the desired result.
Definition of relevant information (to be provided).


Stakeholder Interviews

Conducting of interviews with the project stakeholders and/or responsible employees from the various departments in order to understand the current situation and existing requirements if necessary.


Analysis and Assessment

Analysis of existing infrastructure / processes / documentation.
Consolidation, analysis and assessment of collected data.


Creation of Analysis Report / Results

A report is created based on the results of the analysis and best practices including the results and recommendations for action.


Results Presentation / Discussion of Results

The results are presented before being discussed with all parties. If required, a detailed explanation will then take place.

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