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Sustainable business

Sustainable entrepreneurship, the term is getting more and more popular. But what does it mean exactly? Well, it's very simple: companies that perform sustainable business take the social effects of their activities into account. First of all, it is better for the environment and for society. Secondly, it’s  better for your company. We explain the benefits of sustainable business below and give you a number of tips to make your printing environment more sustainable.



Win-win situation

With relatively small adjustments you quickly make a major contribution to a more sustainable world. But that is not the only advantage. By reducing the footprint of your company, you reduce your costs and get a better image. This makes sustainable business a win-win situation.



Sustainable entrepreneurship is good for your image

Research shows that there is a strong relationship between sustainable business and the profitability of a company. Employees of companies that undertake sustainable business are more motivated and more productive. Their customers are more loyal and willing to pay something extra. The loyalty of customers is no less than 7% higher at companies that make a greater social contribution. In addition, investors are also more willing to invest money in your company. And all thanks to sustainable business.


Three tips to make your printing environment more sustainable

When you think about sustainable business, you probably don't immediately think of your printing environment. But you really should do think about it. With these tips your printing environment will be sustainable in a few steps:

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1. Invest in multifunctional devices.

You should no longer choose a device that only prints, scans or copies. Invest your money in a device that can do everything. This way you save on maintenance costs and on your average energy consumption. In addition, this also makes your employees more productive. Sounds good, doesn’t it?


2. Print only if it’s really necessary.

The average employee uses no less than 10,000 pages of paper annually. This is of course not always necessary. Save on paper and costs by making your office environment as paperless as possible.


3. Use recycled paper and print on both sides.

For most companies, no more printing is unrealistic. But if you still have to print, use recycled paper. A small effort with which you make a major contribution to the environment. If you also encourage double-sided printing, you avoid unnecessary paper consumption.

A good start

It is clear that there is a social as well as a financial necessity for sustainable business. But this affects almost all parts of your organization. So make a simple step to a sustainable business and start with your printing environment.



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