The ideal home office.

Times like these show us once again that the ability to work from home is very important. Many companies are already well prepared for this, while others are not. But how does an ideal home office look like? Which tools does your employee need to have in house in order to be able to do his job properly? And how do you best secure your company data? Find the answers to all your questions below.

The right tools.

Make sure your employee has the right tools. You want your employee's productivity to remain constant, for that he needs the following:



Securing company data.

Cyber-attacks are becoming more common. Compared to the past, they not only differ in number, but also their goals and targets are different. A few years ago, it was often simply a virus that installed an annoying plug-in in your web browser or disabled some files, nowadays you have to deal with things like ransomware and cryptolockers that can shut down your entire enterprise. Not only do they attack your network infrastructure, but they also select targets such as endpoints and users. It is on these three pillars that cyber criminals focus most often. Due to the complexity of cyber attacks today, it is important to put your IT security high on the priority list. Certainly if your employees are more likely to work from home. Download our whitepaper for more information. 

Modern meeting solutions.

An excellent working system for video conferencing or conference calls are necessary for those who want to work from home. The best modern meeting solution for your organisation depends on several factors. Are meetings held often? And with how many participants is that on average? Are there many calls from external locations? Our Business Solutions team works together with the client to develop a tailor-made proposal. Do not hesitate to contact them.

For collaboration solutions:


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For software solutions:


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