Graphics Cards

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                      What will you use yours for?

                      Video cards are designed to tackle massive numbers of parallel operations. Their performance is measured in FLOPS (floating point operations per second), with today’s models currently able to reach several TeraFLOPS. This all takes place behind the scenes. What you see is the fluid images of a 3D simulation. Artificial intelligence also makes use of this technology to recognise patterns using algorithms. Our Bechtle online shop has the right video cards for your business, no matter what you plan to use them for. Our diverse selection ranges from simple models for standard applications to top-of-the-line video cards with the latest GPU and an incredible 32 GB of memory.


                      Coordinating your video card with other components

                      Although GPU and memory are the top criteria when selecting a video card, there are other factors to consider as well, such as how it interacts with other computing components. For instance, a high-end video card will require a CPU with at least four cores and fast clock speeds. The same principle applies to your mainboard interfaces—if the video card doesn’t receive enough power, it can’t achieve its full performance potential. And that means you won’t be getting the most of your monitor’s resolution, colour fidelity and size.


                      Video cards and accessories

                      Bechtle online shop also offers external graphics solutions, which may be useful if you want to retrofit your computer but aren’t able to replace your built-in video card. We also carry a variety of video card accessories, including adapters and expansion kits, which enable you to add additional displays. When selecting your product, note the manufacturer’s warranty and any available warranty upgrades. This information is found in the product details, and our expert product managers will be happy to answer any questions you may have.