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                      Solutions for every need

                      The advantage of racks is that they house all the various hardware components making up your business IT infrastructure in one manageable, space-saving place. In essence, they’re a type of metal bookcase that serves as a central location for servers, modems and other network components. Depending on your company’s network requirements, racks can be equipped with the appropriate shelves and cabinets to optimise your hardware setup. If necessary, racks can be locked like a cabinet, while cable panels keep cables tidy. Our online shop offers the industry-standard 482.6 mm (19”) format, which accommodates any 19” component.


                      Not too hot, not too cold

                      Temperature control is becoming increasingly important as servers become more powerful and ever-more hardware is needed. If the rack environment gets too hot, hardware may overheat, diminishing its performance or even destroying it altogether. It’s therefore essential that the temperature stay within a certain range. Various racks featuring practical cooling systems are available in our online shop. In addition to safely and efficiently keeping your hardware at an optimum temperature, these systems are built in, ensuring a small physical footprint. Air-removal systems also ensure effective temperature control by expelling hot air out of the rack.


                      Stay in control with TFT/keyboard rack consoles

                      TFT/keyboard rack consoles let you easily and conveniently access the servers and switches housed in the rack. This allows you to perform system checks as well as search for and troubleshoot any issues directly at the rack—eliminating the time-consuming, tedious task of having IT technicians log on via the hardware first. Discover a wide range of TFT/keyboard rack consoles at bechtle.com to streamline your company’s work processes. You’ll also find suitable racks with compatible components to build your IT infrastructure. Our product managers will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.