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GETT "Certified Quality" CleanType keyboards and mice are high-quality, hygienic input devices that are easy to clean thanks to their water and dust resistance, making them ideal for use in hygiene-sensitive areas.

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Logitech MX Mechanical Keyboards unite extraordinary haptics, precision and performance with fluid mechanical typing.

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The Logitech vertical mouse is not only ergonomic, but comes in a range of colours and is available for both right and left-handed users.

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Various models for small, large and left hands. Seamless wireless connectivity, quiet clicks, configurable side buttons and an ergonomic shape ensure high comfort and productivity.

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These CHERRY mice impress with their performance and design and are ideal for precise working and for after-work gaming. The built-in RGB light effects are the cherry on top!

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Reiner SCT Authenticator Packs with various quantities

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GETT InduMouse Silicone mice are perfect for areas that demand high levels of hygiene as they can be quickly and easily cleaned and disinfected.

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CHERRY wireless mice give you untethered freedom at the workplace. With the integrated battery status LED, you''ll know straight away if your mouse needs a recharge or a fresh battery.

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The popular CHERRY STREAM keyboards are the result of many years of optimisation. Their unique SX scissor mechanism, reliability and pleasant typing are just some of the features that make these keyboards so special.

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Hama''s wireless mice are the perfect complement to your wireless keyboard. The various models deliver on ergonomics, design and technology, so you are sure to find the perfect mouse for your needs.

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These keyboards combine high-quality CHERRY MX technology with a striking design and RGB light effects. They are the perfect tools when it comes to speed and precision.

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Smart CHERRY security keyboards with built-in card readers are ideal for use in areas with high security requirements and deliver the comfort you expect from a CHERRY office keyboard.

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CHERRY ergonomic mice are perfect for extensive hours of work thanks to their ergonomic shape ensuring a relaxed hand position that relieves strain on the wrists.

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Microsoft''s Bluetooth Mouse is compact and lightweight and, thanks to a battery life of up to 12 months, is the perfect tool for the mobile world of work.

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Microsoft Wireless Mice are designed for those always on the go and boast various impressive technologies and design-oriented extras.

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These premium quality keyboards are space-saving and perfect for use in hygiene-critical environments. The silicone chassis can be cleaned with all standard disinfectants and protects against dirt and liquid ingress.

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These desktop sets meet CHERRY''s high-quality standards with respect to comfort and durability and are equipped with tried and tested technology.

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Click without the annoying noises. Silent Mice are perfect for use in public, open plan office or late at night at home.

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These hygienic mice'' silicone membranes protect against ingress of dirt and fluids, can be disinfected and protect against contamination and microbial growth.

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A broad selection of input devices for PCs, notebooks and more

There are myriad ways to enter data into a computer, and they’re continuously being developed and optimised. The traditional keyboard, for instance, is now used together with touchpads and pen displays. You’ll also find 3D input devices alongside graphic tablets, digital styluses and smart card readers. Mice, keyboards and trackballs have been optimised for special business applications and specially designed for hospitals and other hygienic environments. Our online shop offers a wide range of different models along with additional accessories. Specifications—Bluetooth connectivity, for example—will help you make the right choice for each type of device.


Focus on user-friendliness

Since each action you perform on a computer must be communicated via an input device, user-friendliness is paramount. Mere milliseconds of hesitation in each input process can add up to substantial time lost in the long run. Input devices should also enhance the ergonomics of your working environment, since awkward positioning can be detrimental to your health. The notorious tennis elbow has now given way to “mouse elbow”, which is the result of repetitive movements and a tense grip on a poorly designed mouse. Our shop offers various input devices, so you can select the one that will keep you productive for longer.


An ever-changing market

The market for input devices is evolving at a rapid pace. Graphic tablets, for instance, give you maximum, intuitive control over line thickness and colour intensity just by applying a light pressure. Many digital styluses already feature 1,024 pressure levels and can therefore be legally used to sign contracts. Speech input is also becoming more prevalent, creating a demand for new hardware. And the trusty computer mouse is also undergoing constant improvements to increase haptic comfort, while new BlueTrack technology ensures a smoother glide on any desk surface. We follow these trends closely—not only to advise you on the products of today, but also to help you navigate the innovations of tomorrow.