Mobile Computing Spare Parts

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                    Select, order, replace—and get back to being productive

                    When you invest in a premium notebook or other mobile device, you expect it to work. Unfortunately, damage can occur at any time. And when it does, exchanging the entire device or even purchasing a new one is an expensive hassle. Stay on the safe side with our replacement parts for mobile computing, which are available immediately. Batteries, displays, styluses, enclosures, fans, motherboards and memory modules—the list is long. We also carry SSDs, hard disks and drives, along with chargers and docking solutions. Use the search feature or extensive filter options at to find what you need. And if you have any questions, our service specialists will be happy to help.


                    The rising role of mobile computing

                    The use of mobile devices for business has skyrocketed in the past few years, with tablets leading the way. And market researchers expect this trend to continue. As a result, companies are increasingly amenable to providing their employees with a tablet in addition to standard equipment. In fact, one in three does so already. One key consideration, in addition to guaranteeing security, is how quickly replacement parts can be delivered. Because speedy replacements ensure the necessary flexibility to stay successfully productive. Find everything you need at


                    Replacement parts as a sustainable, economical solution

                    Company size, IT expertise and corporate culture all influence how a business approaches its technical infrastructure. Replacement parts for mobile computing play an important role. They allow you to maintain valuable technical resources—and safeguard all the data you’ve acquired—so you can construct a properly functioning IT infrastructure. Replacement parts are therefore a smart strategy financially, ecologically and security-wise.