Cleaning Products

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                Anti-theft hardware protection

                Our Bechtle online shop offers various types of locks and lock systems from brands such as Kensington, making it easy to protect your devices and even individual ports against unauthorised access. We also carry solutions for for ultra-thin notebooks, monitors, desktop PCs and large multifunctional printers.


                Prevent dust-related defects

                The battle against dust is never-ending—especially in rooms with carpets—even if your office is professionally cleaned. Sensitive media and devices such as keyboards must be protected against dust in order to keep them performing at their best. Bechtle’s cleaning and protection supplies include CD and DVD cases made of various materials, as well as storage boxes for external hard drives, binder sheets and filters. Protective supplies generally don’t cost much, but if you put off purchasing them, the resulting damage—due to data loss, for example—can be very expensive in the long run.


                Cleaning and protection

                Monitors are veritable dust-magnets, and printers accumulate toner residue over time when used intensively. Check out our Bechtle online shop for an extensive selection of supplies to clean screens and other surfaces. We also carry special antistatic vacuum cleaners designed specially for colour printers. And our cleaning kits and sprays will keep your surfaces, monitors and other peripherals spotless. Use gels and microfibre cloths to protect your tablet display from fingerprints and greasy smudges. And anti-glare filters don’t just improve your view, they fend off fingerprints and deflect dust.