Bechtle networking services – from Premium to "as a Service”.

Availability, optimum performance, stability and the best possible security – these are the very least we expect from the network that forms the backbone of your IT. Be that as it may, the administrative and management workload constantly distract you from your business as IT services eat up a considerable part of the budget in companies today. Recently once again named best hosting and service provider, with an experienced partner like Bechtle by your side, you can relieve some of the burden. Supporting well over 1 million IT seats and data centre systems, Bechtle services are well-positioned to strengthen your backbone.

Bechtle networking services delivers multiple benefits.

Multi-vendor services from a single source.

Highly-efficient cloud services hosted in Germany.


Reduced costs and more flexibility.



Regional system houses – Local, yet globally connected.


From Cisco Premium to Network as a Service.


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Benefit from the wealth of tailored networking services from Bechtle. Reduce costs and increase the flexibility and availability of your network infrastructure.

More breathing space for your business – Premium-quality service.

Perfectly tailored to your IT needs: Our Bechtle service experts tackle everything from surveillance, control and interactions between all important areas of your IT landscape, no matter if LAN, WAN and software-defined WAN, WLAN or security. In this way, you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds with our Bechtle SD-WAN as a Service for example. On the one hand, you’ll have global end-to-end availability thanks to our partnership with ngena, and on the other, your business will have a complete solution from a single source as an SD-WAN Managed Service.

 Build on premium quality with our service as a gold-certified partner in all Cisco architectures (network, data centre, collaboration, security) with complete support packages at attractive prices. Choose from the Bechtle Cisco Premium Service and the Bechtle Cisco Premium Service Onsite including troubleshooting, system recovery and onsite hardware exchange.


Partner for your digital journey – Network as a Service made easy.

Both our new Network as a Service offers with Cisco Meraki and HPE Aruba make it easier for you to start your digital journey. You remain flexible, the service is tailored and can be scaled as required, and you only pay for what you actually need.

Meraki, for example, offers duration-flexible basic and additional packages that are also scalable and have a focus on security.

What is a modern IT infrastructure?

A modern IT infrastructure should be flexible, easily scalable and durable, and also be highly secure to avoid shadow IT and security incidents as far as possible and keep company costs low. It is, however, a different story at many organisations. That’s why you should invest in the strategic modernisation of your IT infrastructure. Not only does Bechtle have the future-proof, high-performance technologies you need, but also as a Service models, cloud services and of course a holistic view of your requirements thanks to Bechtle Consulting Services.

Added-value services are our bread and butter.

Powerful and flexible WLAN solutions have become indispensable for organisations, which is why planning and implementing successful WLAN projects ultimately comes down to good judgement based on installation experience, close partnerships with technological leaders and the added-value services such as site surveys, WLAN simulations and planning that Bechtle provides. There are always so many questions to answer before introducing a new WLAN infrastructure: which access points are right? How many are needed and where should they be placed? Which features should they have? We work with you to develop a vendor-neutral concept tailored to your needs and also help with assessing simple and complex environments using simulations and in-depth reporting. The result? Real added value:

  • A comprehensive overview of exact results to implement your WLAN project
  • Access to our experienced technicians for more planning security
  • No unnecessary investments

If required and in addition to our WLAN simulation and planning services, we can also carry out the WLAN coverage assessment onsite with professional WLAN site survey equipment.

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WLAN planning / coverage assessment

Through our professional planning of your WLAN infrastructure, you’ll receive precise information on how to implement your project. Take advantage of our WLAN experts’ experience. Request your personal WLAN simulation package as a Service from Bechtle today!

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Need more breathing space to take care of your business? Bechtle services have got your back!

Benefit from professional networking services. No matter if wired or wireless, we’ll take care of it all. Stay flexible and build on best possible scalability for your business decisions. Whenever your attention is needed elsewhere, we’ll step in. Ask our experts about Bechtle’s Professional, Managed and Consulting Services.


We offer a thorough analysis of your existing infrastructure and design the best networking solutions for you. Get in touch. We’re here to help!

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