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    Purpose-built for healthcare, the Zebra DS2200-HC series helps improve patient safety and workflow and staff efficiency. It features a disinfectant-ready housing designed to handle regular sanitising. The DS2200-HC series easily captures a range of different barcode types that are commonly used in healthcare to meet all your scanning needs--from the patient bedside to the pharmacy, admitting and more. The PRZM technology's software decode algorithms deliver superior performance on poor quality and challenging barcodes. For sound-sensitive environments, the scanner projects illumination on the barcode to indicate a good decode in "do not disturb" mode. Corded and cordless models meet your scanning needs for optimal patient care and safety. Zebra OneCare: To ensure optimal device performance, we recommend a OneCare service package with a choice of service levels including direct support from Zebra's experts. OneCare gives you priority service for repairs, replacement devices, software updates and much more.

    Kit USB scanner Zebra DS2208-HC

    Tipo de produtoScanner de código de barras
    Garantia do fabricante5 anos de serviço na loja (para mais informações, consulte a página web do fabricante)
    Motor de digitalizaçãoArea Imager
    Códigos legíveis2D+1D
    UtilizaçãoServiços de saúde
    Classe de protecçãoIP52
    Tipo de conexãocom fio
    Interfaces compatíveisUSB, RS232, PS/2
    Corazul, branco
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