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Webinar Bechtle DAAS

A new way of working: ultimate flexibility for your employees

COVID has pushed us in a whole new way of working. And even after this pandemic, employees will continue to want to work from home. This creates a real challenge in IT management. Bechtle DAAS, Device as a Service, can be a solution to unburden your IT managers. Bechtle DAAS is quite the same as taking out a subscription: instead of having to invest in purchasing devices, you pay a fixed amount per workstation per month. As the devices are proactively monitored, it’s possible to predict each device’s lifespan and anticipate and resolve any incidents. And if there is a defect, the device will be exchanged or repaired extremely quickly. Alongside support for end users, any problems will be solved by Bechtle. This saves your IT managers a considerable amount of time, which they can devote to what’s really important: supporting the organisation.

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