Lenovo Client Services
Lenovo Client Services.

The right service option for your Lenovo device.

Let Lenovo Services’ unique offerings and expertise help you get the most out of your technology investment. Lenovo offers a comprehensive portfolio of services that support the full lifecycle of your Lenovo IT assets. At every stage from planning, deployment, support to asset recovery, we offer the expertise and services you need to more accurately budget for IT expenses, deliver better service level agreements.

Lenovo Clients.

Lenovo offers a wide range of warranty options for your Clients, dependent on the machine type and base warranty.


Lenovo Premier Support1


On-site service

Lenovo Pick-Up & Return Service
(formerly Depot)

Lenovo Solution Center with automatic system error detection and support case creation

Weekdays, 9 am - 5 pm (local time) — On-site

spare parts exchange


Local language, advanced technical support.
Weekdays, 7 am - 7 pm (local time)1



Comprehensive hardware and Original Equipment
Manufacturer (OEM) software support



Single point of contact for simplified end-to-end case management



Technical Account Managers for proactive relationship and escalation management



Next Business Day Onsite labour2 and parts prioritisation



Comprehensive suite of reporting (posting, part quantities, service level, repetitions, within/outside of the warranty)



Lenovo Commercial Portal for personalised, secure online purchasing, report creation and product support




Lenovo Premier Support1.

Dedicated access to local, advanced troubleshooting and end-to-end case management.



Why Premier Support?

You need a support infrastructure that offers consistent excellence across the globe. Lenovo™ Premier Support provides direct access to the most elite technicians for unscripted troubleshooting and comprehensive software support. In addition, you'll have access to Technical Account Managers, with in-depth knowledge of your business, that offer proactive relationship and escalation management. Lenovo™ Premier Support for excellence, every step of the way.


  • A single support contact
  • Enhanced productivity through minimisation of the time needed to solve issues
  • Comprehensive issue resolution by expert technicians
  • Enhanced support experience by reducing the number of process steps

What is the benefit for most organisations? Resource savings!

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Lenovo On-site Service.

Lenovo’s On-site service covers parts and labour for repairs where the repair is carried out on-site at your place of business. If Lenovo determines your product problem is covered by the product warranty and cannot be resolved over the phone, a technician will be dispatched to arrive on-site.




Lenovo Pick-Up & Return Courier Service

The Pick-Up & Return Courier Service (formerly Depot) allows for the product to be repaired in a dedicated service centre and shipped at the service provider’s expense. The customer is responsible for packing the product in the shipping box for dispatch to a specific service centre. Collection is made by a courier. After repair or exchange, the service provider arranges the return of the PC to the place where it was originally collected, at the service provider’s expense. The customer is ultimately responsible for checking and installing the new system.

Lenovo Sealed Battery

Lenovo’s selected PCs incorporate a battery specifically designed for ultra-thin products. This sealed, non-Customer Replaceable Unit (non-CRU) battery is designed to last three years under normal usage, and with Rapid Charge Technology charges 2,5 times faster than typical ThinkPad batteries Doesn’t a better battery deserve better protection? Extend your 1-year base battery warranty to a 2 or 3-year Sealed Battery Warranty.

Lenovo Keep Your Drive.

Keep Your Drive lets you keep a defective drive that can be exchanged within the framework of the limited Lenovo manufacturer’s warranty. The data on the drive stays within your custody, improving security and potentially alleviating civil liability risks.

Lenovo Accidental Damage Protection.

With Lenovo’s Accidental Damage Protection, your system is protected from the unexpected Through our global network of depot repair centres, PCs are repaired by Lenovo-certified technicians using Lenovo-qualified parts. If it is not damaged beyond repair, the end users’ own PC is returned, and if repair is not possible, the entire system will be replaced at no additional charge.

International Warranty.

Already included in the basic warranty for all Think products.

The international warranty extension allows you to receive the service when travelling in certain countries outside the country of purchase where the services are available.3 This allows you to use your equipment hassle-free in any country with your on-site service.


International Service Entitlement (ISE).

The International Service Entitlement upgrade extends coverage to outside of the user’s home country International service entitlement upgrades are applicable to the following Lenovo services:4


  • ISE Sealed Battery
  • ISE Keep Your Drive
  • ISE Accidental Damage Protection


1 Not available in all countries.
2 Post completion of phone-based troubleshooting before 3 pm local time.
3 Repairs and spare part supply varies from country to country.
4 Purchase of a national warranty is required. Availability depends on the country.