Samsung Knox.

Enhanced security without sacrificing increased employee flexibility and freedom.

Android is currently the most popular operating system for mobile devices.1 Especially in business, a lot of users fear that their confidential data could be vulnerable. This is why Samsung has set itself the task of providing far-reaching protection for corporate data on Samsung Android mobile devices.

The solution? Samsung Knox.

 Samsung Knox is a mobile security platform designed to protect against attacks and has been installed on all Samsung mobile devices ex factory since 2015. In addition to comprehensive hardware protection, various Knox software solutions are available that intelligently protect your confidential data and provide flexible options for implementing IT policies and device management. What’s more, Knox Configure and Knox Platform for Customization enable you to individually customise the Android interface and develop solutions for specific industry requirements.



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Samsung Knox is built on a 3-level security strategy.




Extensive hardware-based platform protection (ex factory).






Area for business data that is separate from personal data (Knox Workspace) or user-defined solutions with Knox Customization.






Security-compliant Mobile Device Management:

  • Collect and transmit data
  • Monitor
  • Manage and control
No matter if it’s the mobile settings of individual applications, small and medium-sized companies, a large public authority or corporations, there is a suitable Knox software solution for everyone that supports companies’ security requirements.
Samsung Knox reduces problems and helps save you time. See for yourself how Samsung Knox helps on your IT journey. 
Overview of Samsung Knox software solutions.


Knox Configure


Know Manage


Knox Mobile Enrollment


Knox Platform for Enterprise



... let’s go!
9:00 am. Onboarding.

New employees should be equipped with Samsung smartphones. Step one sees 100 new devices delivered to the IT department. It couldn’t be easier:  Using the Knox Deployment Program, the devices don’t need to be unpacked as Bechtle has already uploaded their IDs to the Knox cloud server.

9:30 am. Configuration time ... 

The devices are configured by IT admin creating a profile on the cloud-based Knox Configure while simultaneously setting up Wi-Fi, APN, boot applications, and start screens amongst others.


Knox Configure.
A cloud-based service enabling devices to be automatically configured and synchronised remotely that includes a variety of functions to setup compatible Samsung mobile devices exactly according to guidelines. 

10:00 am. ... registration complete. 

IT select the company’s existing EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) in the Knox Mobile Enrollment dashboard and register standard IDs and passwords for 100 future users. 
Knox Mobile Enrollment.
Enables a large number of Samsung mobile devices to be quickly and easily synchronised. The MDM client is automatically installed and the required profiles are automatically loaded via Wi-Fi.

10:00 am. Admin time ...

IT creates an EMM profile in a secure container on the company’s EMM console and uploads it onto the 100 new devices. This also includes the company’s IT guidelines.

Knox Mobile Enrollment.
Automatic and lightning fast: Knox Mobile Enrollment enables you to enrol a large number of new devices in your company. Installation is very simple for both IT administrators and device users which is a big plus in terms of security. 

11:00. And now time for security.

Every single device is managed and protected by Knox Platform for Enterprise which is extremely efficient for your IT department. Features include effective data encryption and robust VPN connectivity. Using powerful tools, the company’s devices can be managed, monitored and their use of data traffic checked. On the device, IT administrators can set up a container so that company data are kept strictly separate from personal data. 

Knox Platform for Enterprise.
The Knox Workspace solution enables IT admins full access to all Knox platform functions without having to set up a container on the device. Alternatively, the company can use Knox Workspace-managed containers as usual.



11:30. ... ready to go.

The new smartphones are ready to go and can be handed over to the employees. When they are turned on, they automatically connect to the network and the device profile created on the Knox server is downloaded onto the device.

6 months later. Simple updates.

A new Android version available? IT tests if the company’s own apps are compatible. If so, the software be easily and quickly distributed to all employee devices via the company’s Knox E-FOTA Advanced dashboard. 

Knox E-FOTA.
Samsung Enterprise Firmware-Over-The-Air lets you control the operating systems on your company’s Samsung mobile devices, meaning you can deploy the latest security patches when you want, ensure apps are compatible and save time and money. 

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