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The latest trend among cyberattacks, and certainly the most topical trend, are attacks on users. These attacks allow hackers to hit the weakest link in the network. You can protect yourself at all layers, but if users initially hand over their credentials (through phishing), other layers of security are a lost cause. We cannot emphasize the importance of User Awareness training enough. Users need to be trained in recognizing threats such as phishing. A solution to this is Sophos Phish Threat. Using this tool, the IT team in your company can simulate and forward a malicious mailing campaign to find out who would unconsciously click on a malicious link or even leave credentials. Subsequently, these users can go through a training course to learn how to recognize such things. This enables you, as an IT manager, to identify internal issues and to anticipate on these.


For example: Erik receives a new email in his mailbox that notifies his LinkedIn profile will be closed within two days. If Erik doesn't realize that the sender is 'Linkedn', and not ' LinkedIn', and leaves his credentials, the hacker is inside. This type of mail can be created via Sophos Phish Threat and distributed internally.


If the hacker knows a user's username and password, any form of security will fail. If so, it is as if your employee gives his badge to a stranger and thereby gives him the key to the door. No firewall will detect any danger or the hacker will have to operate from a foreign country.



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