SMBs: Solutions to protect your organisation from cyberattacks.

In an increasingly connected environment, the issue of security of your data and IT equipment is crucial to maintaining worker productivity.

Indeed, SMBs are now the preferred targets of cybercriminals, with 43% of attacks targeting them in 2020¹, while phishing attempts increased by 143% between 2020 and 2021.

The IT teams of SMBs are often understaffed, and must therefore deal with these threats, moreover they are often ill-equipped or ill-trained to deploy the chosen security solutions. 

Choosing Microsoft for that reason allows organisations to combine:
  • Comprehensive protection for devices, identities and data with a single licence
  • Simple security management and licences are smooth to deploy
  • Cost attractive
  • Available support from your Bechtle partner

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¹ Activity report 2021,, March 2022


¹ Activity report 2021,, March 2022

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