High performance computing and artificial intelligence – Your dedicated team.

Engineering, consulting, support… A team dedicated to your projects—from A to Z.

High performance computing and artificial intelligence demand very specific expertise and technical skills.


Our HPC and AI team is made up of employees experienced in the field to ensure you benefit from:

  • Our in-house resources
  • Bechtle Group resources (more than 2,000 IT engineers)
  • Our eco-system partners.


We are on-hand to offer support during your HPC and/or AI project—from problem analysis to solution operations.

We are your central contact for hardware and software, consultation, implementation and operations.

Questions about HPC and AI?


Our HPC / AI consultants have the answer. Get in touch

Phone: 03 69 06 34 22



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For more information contact our specialist:


Aline Gauthier

HPC / AI Consultant


+33 3690 634 22