What we offer.

A global approach.


Our HPC team is made up of employees experienced in the field to ensure you benefit from:

  • Our in-house resources
  • Bechtle Group resources (more than 2,000 IT engineers)
  • Our eco-system partners.


We are on-hand to offer support during your HPC and/or deep learning projects—from problem analysis to solution operations.


We are your central contact for hardware and software, consultation, implementation and operations.

Questions about HPC?


Aline Gauthier

HPC Advisor

Phone: +33 3 69 06 34 22

Questions about HPC?


Aline Gauthier

HPC Advisor
Phone: +33 3 69 06 34 22


  • Analysis and consultation

    • Analysis of your current infrastructure and organisation
    • Infrastructure optimisation
    • Calculation codes based on possible architectures
    • Neutral manufacturer-independent advice
    • Optimisation of operating costs
    • Feasibility assessment
  • Design

    • Redevelopment of your infrastructure
    • Proof of Concept (POC)
    • Business continuity plan
    • Benchmarking
  • Installation

    • It project management
    • Hardware procurement logistics
    • Solution installation
    • System configuration and integration
    • Conducting pilot projects
    • Training IT administrators
    • Training IT employees and users
    • Permanent, off-site and multi-country provisioning.
  • Operation and maintenance

    • SPOC (Single Point of Contact), a single contact for all of your accounts.
    • Maintenance services for all vendors.
    • Remote monitoring
    • 24×7 support
    • Deployment of specialists
    • Backup while staff are on holiday

High Performance Computing (HPC) involves the use of supercomputers to calculate complex processes in research, automotive, aerospace, life sciences and medical research industries.


As a key player in the European IT market, Bechtle would also like to become a key player in the French HPC market. Bechtle is here to support you in selecting the best high-performance computing solution for you.


An HPY cluster may not only consist of high end hardware, otherwise there is the danger of it ending up an empty and unusable husk. They require software tools to make monitoring, administration and use easier.


You can find the Bechtle Group customer references in the HPC section.