Microsoft Dynamics 365

    Remote Assist & Guides

    Enter the world of mixed reality with Microsoft HoloLens 2 and revolutionise corporate training and collaboration

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 | Remote Assist

    The solution that lets you work remotely with Dynamics 365 mixed reality apps.

    Solve problems in real time

    Share what you see in real-time with colleagues in other locations and carry on working while you receive support.

    Experience the on-site environment without actually being there

    Share a real-time view of an issue with employees in several locations to boost troubleshooting efficiency while lowering costs.

    Draw attention to critical information

    Retrieve information about work orders, as well as schematics and diagrams of the applications you already use from Dynamics 365 for Field Service.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 | Guides

    The ideal mixed reality tool for training, production and maintenance.

    Offer your employees holographic step-by-step guides to minimise the number of errors, consolidate skills and close gaps in knowledge without having to worry about coding.

    Reduce errors and boost security

    Ensure nothing is forgotten and bolster compliance by provisioning standardised processes and security notifications in the workflow.

    Close gaps in knowledge and increase skills

    Share photos, videos and 3D models to customise your training courses and expert mentoring and transform them into a reproducable and interactive tool.

    Adapt your work in real time

    Add decision trees to your Guides so that your employees can adapt themselves to every situation, and use Power Apps to save transaction data without having to quit the Guides app.

    Leverage data and make your workflows even more efficient

    Retrieve employees’ performance data in real time from the Power BI dashboard enabling you to optimise your processes and determine training needs even more easily.


    Remote Assist

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    Annual subscription


    Monthly subscription
    € 54.80

    Annual subscription
    € 657.60

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