It’s quite difficult to list all the ways AI contributes to culture, but augmented reality as part of museum exhibitions and for palace tours are worth a mention.

Who has never dreamed of seeing a high-definition version of a cult silent film? Or what about having the opportunity to view a painting that has been damaged over time in all its glory? Start spreading the news. AI can bring lost masterpieces back to life!

How can AI revive these works of art?

Thanks to artificial neural networks and machine learning, today’s engineers and researchers are able to breathe new life into archive images and damaged works of art

using algorithms to enhance the images. These methods are constantly learning how to recreate details from the original image, for example, adding colours to black and white photos or replacing missing pixels.


IMKI testimonial.

IMKI is a generative artificial intelligence (GAI) startup headquartered in Strasbourg offering the first deep learning service for the culture industry that enables the creation of an immersive and spectacular audio-visual experience. To make it all possible, IMKI has developed it own neuronal architectures that allow moving images to be restored and enhanced for new virtualisation technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality and immersive experiences.

We sat down with IMKI’s Chief Technical Officer Artificial Intelligence, Christophe Renaudineau, to ask him a few questions.

How is IMKI leveraging AI today?

“Artificial intelligence can be used in many new ways and deliver real benefits in a world that really has to evolve, which is why we have positioned ourselves as a link between AI and culture. We are a leading company and pioneers in bringing AI to the world of culture. IMKI was awarded the ‘Deep Tech’ seal by BPI France and develops its own software and neuronal architectures in order to be able to bridge the gap between technology and the restoration and use of cultural works.”

Was IMKI born from the development of AI solutions in the world of media?

“Artificial intelligence in the cultural sector is still unchartered territory—even at an international level. IMKI’s founding combined Frédéric Rose’s (CEO IMKI) more than 20 years’ experience in the culture sector with its technical expertise in the field of artificial intelligence developed in the lab, which the company can leverage to open the door to a wealth of opportunities.”

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