Microsoft HoloLens 2.

Mixed reality is ready for business.

Mixed reality on HoloLens 2 combines an untethered device with apps and solutions that help people across your business learn, communicate, and collaborate more effectively. It’s the culmination of breakthroughs in hardware design, artificial intelligence (AI), and mixed reality development from Microsoft, designed to help you lead your industry into the future—starting today.

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Work smarter with the ultimate mixed reality device.

HoloLens 2 offers the most comfortable and immersive mixed reality experience available—enhanced by the reliability, security, and scalability of cloud and AI services from Microsoft.

Act with precision.

Stay engaged heads-up, hands-free longer and more comfortably to safely complete tasks error-free.

Large Field of View

See two times the field of view of the original HoloLens. Read an 8-point font on a holographic website, have precise interactions with holograms and create and immerse yourself into mixed reality.

Hand Tracking.

Fully articulated hand tracking, touch, grasp and move holograms in ways that feel natural. HoloLens 2 adapts to your hands, so holograms respond like real objects.

Eye Tracking.

HoloLens 2 understands precisely where you’re looking – to understand your intent and adapt the holograms to your eyes in real time.

Collaborate without boundaries.

Connect with remote colleagues—working together on holograms—to resolve issues in real time.

Easily share an event as a photo or as a video with others in real time with mixed reality capture.

Perform tasks unobstructed with no wires or external packs to get in your way on the job.

Enable presence and shared experiences from anywhere streaming high-fidelity 3D assets that can be anchored to a location and/or object that persists across users.

Innovate with confidence.

With HoloLens 2, you will have access to a robust ecosystem of apps supported with the security, reliability and scalability of the Microsoft cloud.

Deliver ROI with HoloLens 2, right out of the box. Choose from over 200 enterprise-ready mixed reality solutions from Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Mixed Reality Partners.

Ensure business continuity with a version of Windows 10 that is designed for HoloLens 2 with commercial-ready management capabilities and feature updates.

Quickly and securely log in to your HoloLens 2 device with iris-based biometric authentication and get into the flow of work without the need to type log-in credentials.

Simply manage HoloLens 2 devices using Microsoft Intune or your preferred solution.

HoloLens 2 – Perfect in any industry.

HoloLens 2 takes your working day to a whole new level!
Working in the automotive, healthcare or retail industries? No matter where you work, we’ll show you how your business can benefit from mixed reality and HoloLens 2 into the future.

HoloLens 2 in manufacturing.

Hololens 2 and corresponding software solutions simplify the onboarding process for new employees and together with active parts and user-friendly training material enhance training of existing teams.

Quickly and easily resolve production problems.

Reduce downtime and resolve machine-and/or production line-related issues faster than ever with the help of HoloLens 2. When you give your field reps a HoloLens 2, they can offer their expert support in real time no matter where the problem is!

Boost employee productivity.

Machines have hugely increased the amount of automation in factories, but humans are still required for many steps within a manufacturing process. And that should never change! However, humans make many more mistakes. Reduce them by using HoloLens 2 and optimise product quality by providing your employees with simple check lists and step-by-step instructions. These can be merged into the field of vision so that workers always have their hands free to do their jobs. What’s more, real work processes can be simulated nearly 100% in advance and therefore improved.

HoloLens 2 in healthcare.

Redefine healthcare with HoloLens 2 and accelerate diagnoses, reduce treatment times and enable personalised care even remotely.

Networking remote teams.

A large number of care teams and clinic staff take care of patients beyond the four walls of their hospitals, costing time and money, so make sure these teams are networked with each other so that they are able to assess a situation in real-time. This not only shortens treatment times, but also accelerates diagnoses. HoloLens 2 can also help surgeons in the operating room by enabling them to upload 3D views of MRIs and CT scans, which they can review during surgery without having to stop what they are doing.

Accelerating diagnoses.

Leverage HoloLens 2 to put together treatment plans and diagnose faster. Link up with other colleagues at other hospitals to discuss cases to optimise the quality of care and foster a relationship with patients. With HoloLens 2, you can present scans and diagnoses using digital 3D objects making it easier for patients to comprehend.

HoloLens 2 in education.

Improve learning results and revolutionise curriculum with hands on lesson plans that convey complex concepts in 3D. With HoloLens 2, students can learn-by-doing from anywhere with holographic instructions and assessments.

Optimise the learning experience.

Mixed reality turns abstract content like chemical molecules into physical parts or geometric forms you can almost touch. This helps to make complex inter-dependencies more comprehensible and also makes it easier for students to remember content due to their active participation. No matter where the students are, HoloLens 2 helps them take part in classes.

The motivation to learn.

Mixed reality offers a range of possibilities to make classes and employee training more creative and interactive. Having fun with the new technology should be top of the agenda. Try it out for yourself and motivate your employees to be more active and creative. Everyone can learn the material at their own pace and thus prepare optimally.




HoloLens 2.

For a comfortable and immersive mixed reality experience complemented by reliability, security and scalability.


HoloLens 2 Industrial Edition.

Developed, built and tested to support industrial customers.


Options at a glance.

  HoloLens 2

HoloLens 2 Industrial Edition


HoloLens 2 device

x x  

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist


ISO 14644-1 Clean room class 5


Class I, Division 2 – Groups A, B, C and D in HAZLOC environments

Rapid Replacement Programme (1)   x  
Commercial usage rights x x  
Warranty 1 year 2 years  

(1) The rapid replacement programme minimises downtime and ensures that you receive a new device overnight or via express shipping from Microsoft.