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Manufacturer no.: B-7SRVS-IP000-00

Bechtle no.: 105713679

Architecture: 32/64 bit, Segment: Corporate, Duration: 1 year(s), Product language: German Germany, English United States, Operating system: Windows Server


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Manufacturer no.: CLAAQALOS21

Bechtle no.: 4023269

Segment: Corporate, Product language: Multiple languages, Operating system: Undefined, Type: Subscription renewal


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Manufacturer no.: 04MF90-90PCDMR

Bechtle no.: 4226788

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Manufacturer no.: 04PC61-90PCDPEL

Bechtle no.: 799976


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Manufacturer no.: 90PCE52MFS

Bechtle no.: 755240

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Active Directory recovery

Keeping sensitive data and information safe isn’t just a priority for multinational corporations. More and more processes are being performed and managed centrally, and Microsoft’s Active Directory has honed in on this trend. But if your directory service goes down or is otherwise disabled, your entire business could come grinding to a halt. That’s why vendors such as Acronis offer backup solutions to ensure you’ll be able to recover your entire directory in the event of a disaster. Other software solutions are also available to support different types of systems and servers.


Acronis Backup 12.5 Advanced for all-round protection of SharePoint platforms

Microsoft SharePoint connects employees efficiently through integrated platforms, allowing them to collaborate across departments, share information and build networks. If you work with SharePoint platforms, you understand just how dependant you are on them for data—and why it’s so crucial to protect them. If SharePoint goes down, you’ll lose valuable time, financial and human resources. Acronis Backup Advanced specialises in backing up and recovering SharePoint systems. The Advanced edition even goes beyond recovery to offer additional features such as role-based administrator access.


Server backup solutions in our online shop

Our Bechtle online shop carries outstanding backup and recovery solutions from trusted brands. The total failure of an Oracle server, or the corruption of your Active Directory system or SharePoint platform is a frustrating experience that eats into your budget and time. Having the right backup and recovery solution for your servers and platforms determines how quickly you can get back up and running. Providers such as Acronis and Veeam offer various solutions for Oracle, Exchange and Citrix XenServer. Veeam also provides protection for virtual environments. Discover your server backup and recovery options in our online shop.