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From simple DECT phones to professional-grade DECT IP multicell systems, Yealink's DECT portfolio ensures reliable communications with strong scalability and enhanced mobility for a great user experience in a variety of scenarios.

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Manufacturer no.: SPA500S

Bechtle no.: 590123

Product type: Expansion


Gross price: zł424.23 incl. zł79.33 VAT

Available in 20 days.

Manufacturer no.: 2215-86512-001

Bechtle no.: 4443047

Product type: Mounting option


Gross price: zł454.98 incl. zł85.08 VAT

Available in 20 days.

Manufacturer no.: 2215-86513-001

Bechtle no.: 4443044

Product type: Stand


Gross price: zł246.62 incl. zł46.12 VAT

Available in 20 days.

Manufacturer no.: EHS40

Bechtle no.: 4419936

Product type: Adapter


Gross price: zł201.66 incl. zł37.71 VAT

Available in 8 days.

Manufacturer no.: 205-000-016

Bechtle no.: 4412267

Product type: Wireless adapter


Gross price: zł921.15 incl. zł172.25 VAT

Available in 8 days.

Manufacturer no.: 2200-30760-001

Bechtle no.: 4410411

Product type: Control console


Gross price: zł3,944.61 incl. zł737.61 VAT

Available in 20 days.

Manufacturer no.: 3MG27107AC

Bechtle no.: 4402980

Product type: Expansion


Gross price: zł710.33 incl. zł132.83 VAT

Available in 8 days.

Manufacturer no.: TAPZOOMBASE/2

Bechtle no.: 4400135

Product type: Expansion


Gross price: zł13,724.34 incl. zł2,566.34 VAT

Available in 8 days.

Manufacturer no.: TAPMSTBASE/2

Bechtle no.: 4400107

Product type: Expansion


Gross price: zł13,190.52 incl. zł2,466.52 VAT

In stock.

Manufacturer no.: 952-000002

Bechtle no.: 4397451

Product type: Mount


Gross price: zł402.82 incl. zł75.33 VAT

In stock.

Manufacturer no.: BT41

Bechtle no.: 4384681

Product type: Wireless adapter


Gross price: zł140.90 incl. zł26.35 VAT

In stock.

Manufacturer no.: S30853-H603-R101

Bechtle no.: 4378203

Product type: Repeater


Gross price: zł639.60 incl. zł119.60 VAT

Available in 8 days.

Manufacturer no.: 939-001825

Bechtle no.: 4370270

Product type: Mount


Gross price: zł582.90 incl. zł109.00 VAT

In stock.

Manufacturer no.: 1465-52891-060

Bechtle no.: 4369324

Product type: Power supply


Gross price: zł764.45 incl. zł142.95 VAT

Available in 20 days.

Manufacturer no.: 2201-52889-001

Bechtle no.: 4369323

Product type: Remote control


Gross price: zł520.91 incl. zł97.41 VAT

Available in 8 days.

Manufacturer no.: 939-001817

Bechtle no.: 4368361

Product type: Mount


Gross price: zł1,125.33 incl. zł210.43 VAT

In stock.

Manufacturer no.: 939-001811

Bechtle no.: 4368351

Product type: Mount


Gross price: zł1,397.28 incl. zł261.28 VAT

Available in 8 days.

Manufacturer no.: 939-001814

Bechtle no.: 4368339

Product type: Mount


Gross price: zł1,270.59 incl. zł237.59 VAT

Available in 8 days.

Manufacturer no.: 700514337

Bechtle no.: 4366591

Product type: Expansion


Gross price: zł992.00 incl. zł185.50 VAT

Available in 8 days.

The right accessories for convenient, ergonomic phone calls

Phones come with a panoply of accessories, including headsets, routers, chargers, belt clips and repeaters. These provide additional connection options, convenient transport and storage, power supply and various upgrades. Most accessories function regardless of whether your phone uses ISDN, analogue or VoIP technology, so they’ll continue to serve you well even with the rapidly advancing progress of Internet telephony. Special accessories, such as VoIP routers and VoIP call managers, are specifically designed in response to the VoIP trend. Our product managers will be happy to advise you on this topic.  


Accessories for productive phone conferences

While phone accessories usually consist of hardware, conference systems also involve licences and warranty upgrades. Cisco’s MultiSite feature, for instance, allows you to expand video conferences with up to three additional endpoints. And if you’re worried about the ramifications of long-term downtimes, you can purchase warranty upgrades such as next-business-day exchange services. Our offering also includes adapters, batteries, remote controls, holders, cables und many more communication accessories. Explore the entire category to discover items that will make your office life easier. 


Headsets, adapters and repeaters

Businesses frequently use headsets for their voice communication. In addition to keeping your hands free, they filter out ambient noise in open-space offices. Our online shop offers numerous headset accessories as well as repeaters, batteries and spare ear cushions. We also carry an extensive selection of cables by Plantronics, Jabra, Sennheiser and more. And if you want to improve the comfort of your headset or simply adapt it to your needs, choose from among our headbands, neckbands and ear hooks. Ear cushions can also be purchased separately. Use our convenient search function to find what you’re looking for.