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Manufacturer no.: S26361-F2542-L453

Bechtle no.: 4357433

Product type: Mount


Gross price: Kč1,046.65 incl. Kč181.65 VAT

In stock.

Manufacturer no.: 3TK78AA

Bechtle no.: 4317011

Product type: Connection panel


Gross price: Kč505.78 incl. Kč87.78 VAT

In stock.

Manufacturer no.: 3TK77AA

Bechtle no.: 4316973

Product type: Expansion


Gross price: Kč1,044.23 incl. Kč181.23 VAT

In stock.

Manufacturer no.: 3TK72AA

Bechtle no.: 4316783


Gross price: Kč290.40 incl. Kč50.40 VAT

In stock.

Manufacturer no.: 1XM33AA

Bechtle no.: 4236739

Product type: Fan


Gross price: Kč358.16 incl. Kč62.16 VAT

In stock.

Manufacturer no.: 2HW42AA

Bechtle no.: 4235025

Product type: Mount


Gross price: Kč4,830.32 incl. Kč838.32 VAT

Available in 14 days.

Manufacturer no.: 2JA32AA

Bechtle no.: 4215377

Product type: Mount


Gross price: Kč465.85 incl. Kč80.85 VAT

Available in 14 days.

Manufacturer no.: 492-BBUW

Bechtle no.: 4180021

Product type: Power supply


Gross price: Kč504.57 incl. Kč87.57 VAT

Available in 14 days.

Manufacturer no.: X8U74AA

Bechtle no.: 4103250

Product type: Mounting option


Gross price: Kč608.63 incl. Kč105.63 VAT

Available in 14 days.

Manufacturer no.: X8U72AA

Bechtle no.: 4103244

Product type: Speakers


Gross price: Kč1,864.61 incl. Kč323.61 VAT

Available in 14 days.

Manufacturer no.: 4X20E75144

Bechtle no.: 4057226


Gross price: Kč1,534.28 incl. Kč266.28 VAT

In stock.

Manufacturer no.: L2X04AA#ABB

Bechtle no.: 975458


Gross price: Kč565.07 incl. Kč98.07 VAT

In stock.

Manufacturer no.: 4X20E53340

Bechtle no.: 875131

Product type: Power supply


Gross price: Kč1,318.90 incl. Kč228.90 VAT

In stock.

Manufacturer no.: DV-VMTOPT-004-001-AA

Bechtle no.: 626674


Gross price: Kč3,403.73 incl. Kč590.73 VAT

Available in 14 days.

A secure fit with the right computing accessories

Most business departments need more than just computers and monitors to ensure a streamlined workflow. Specific accessories are required to boost efficiency and accelerate processes. Our Bechtle online shop carries a large variety of computing devices, such as customised mounting solutions for corporate environments. These range from keyboard holders to mounts with articulated joints. Additional accessories are also available for all types of computing, for instance till drawers and screen mounts for POS systems.


Optimise your workstation with the right accessories

Workstations are tailored to user needs, guaranteeing optimum work results wherever they’re used, for instance by computing and rendering business data at lightning speeds. Discover all the accessories available to build or retrofit the perfect workstation. Dust filters and fans are popular products requested to ensure efficiency. With the right accessories, it’s easy to adapt existing systems or construct new ones from scratch.


Well-positioned thin clients

Because they’re relatively small, thin clients don’t require much space—that’s one of their major advantages. Even so, they need proper support. Handy mounts and feet will help you position your thin client just so. Computing accessories are purpose-designed to simplify users’ daily routines and keep devices safe. You’ll be sure to find the accessories you need among the more than 70,000 total products in our online shop. Use our convenient filter options to narrow down your choices by brand or product type. In addition, you can always rely on our expert online advice for any questions you may have about computing accessories.