OKT 3, 2022


What Supporting Sustainability Means to Us at Bechtle.


At the beginning of August, we presented Bechtle's climate protection strategy, under which we set ourselves clear measures and goals to achieve climate neutrality, i.e. net-zero carbon emissions, by 2030. You can read about the specific measures to reduce and avoid our direct and indirect as well as upstream and downstream carbon emissions here. In addition, we defined three-pronged approach, namely "avoidance", "reduction" and "compensation" at Bechtle last year. All commitments are defined at the group level within our company, which has over 13, 000 employees in 14 countries. But what can we do (and are doing) specifically in the Czech Republic?

Firstly, we sort waste. It is already a routine for us, at home and in the workplace. Also, no plastic utensils are used at Bechtle which helps to sustain more eco-friendly.

Furthermore, beginning 2021, we stopped printing documents at our branch in accordance with the Czech laws. We aim to store everything electronically, which brings tangible results. By 2020, we used 15,000 pages of paper every year now it is only 500, which is not an insignificant change.

At our office, we do not use any plastic utensils and do not have water or coffee vending machines, so as not to create unnecessary waste.

Moreover, we are proud that most of our employees use public transport to get to and from their place of work. It shows the commitment to climate neutrality. It is taken seriously and is not just, figuratively speaking, mere ink on paper.

We will be happy to hear any suggestions to improve our approach. We try to create awareness around the topic with our colleagues as we actively speak with everyone about the climate protection strategy. Although we are not a large branch, we believe that our efforts are also meaningful.