The Bechtle Office Equipment portfolio.

Ergonomics meets functionality

Nearly one in two employees in Germany sits in front of their office computer day in, day out. Ergonomics in the workplace is therefore crucial. High-quality office furniture and accessories such as keyboards and mounts for monitors, tablets and notebooks ensure healthy working conditions. Our extensive portfolio on ranges from wrist and foot rests to back supports. Anti-glare products make it easier to work in bright environments, while privacy filters protect corporate and personal data on your screen. Shredders keep sensitive information out of the wrong hands, thereby helping to ensure your company’s success. Quality is key for all types of office equipment. Our product managers will be happy to provide you with expert advice.


Extensive portfolio of office accessories

Our Bechtle online shop comprises over 70,000 products in total and offers the right equipment for keeping your office clean and secure. features a variety of items, from protective casings and vacuum cleaners to cleaning solutions for different surfaces, monitors and peripherals. Diverse anti-theft and media storage solutions are available as well, including locks for notebooks and projectors as well as monitors in various sizes. Our partnerships with respected manufacturers ensure that we carry only carefully selected, premium products. Because we know that excellent quality paves the way to success.


Devices, conference folders and more

In addition to batteries and battery testers, our Bechtle online shop carries an extensive selection of chargers accommodating any common battery size and offering a variety of connections. You’ll also find practical office lamps and clocks. And no office would be complete without durable furniture such as projector stands, desk platforms, presentation boards and mounts for interactive systems. We also offer input devices, mouse pads and copy holders. And if you’re looking for laminating devices, you’ll find them here, too.